How do I freeze spinach

Freezing spinach - 2 options presented

If you've got tons of spinach, don't let it go to waste. You can also easily freeze it.

Spinach from your own garden is something delicious. Above all, you can harvest it more than once a year.

»Reading tip:Harvest the spinach twice

Spinach is healthiest when it's raw and as fresh as possible. So try to eat most of the harvest fresh. But sometimes the harvest is so big that it is almost impossible. Then you can either give it away to neighbors, relatives and acquaintances or freeze the spinach. You have two different options for doing this. On the one hand you can freeze it cooked and on the other hand it works with fresh spinach as well. We will show you what you have to consider with the two options.

“Freeze fresh spinach

If you want to freeze the fresh spinach, you don't have to worry about lost vitamins. They are retained, as are important trace elements and minerals.

✦ Step 1:

Sort out the spinach carefully. Remove dead leaves and very thick stems.

✦ Step 2:

The spinach should be blanched before freezing. Bitter substances and part of the nitrate remain in the cooking water. When blanching, the spinach is hung in a colander in boiling water for about two minutes. Then remove the sieve and hold it in ice water for about 10 seconds.

✦ Step 3:

Now you should allow the green growth to drain sufficiently, preferably dab with kitchen paper. The more water that sticks to the spinach when it is frozen, the more mushy it will be later when it is thawed.

✦ Step 4:

Now you can decide whether you want to freeze the leaves as they are or whether they should be cut into small pieces.

✦ Step 5:

Pack the spinach in small freezer bags or plastic cans. So you can later get the spinach out of the cooler as needed. So and now in the freezer with the spinach.

“Freeze cooked spinach

There was spinach again and the family ties didn't finish? Then freeze it. You can also freeze cooked spinach without any problems.

Here it is just extremely important that you let the spinach cool down quickly and then freeze it immediately. This is so important because bacteria at high ambient temperatures (for example in a pot on the stove) convert the nitrate contained in the spinach into the toxic nitrite. So it is best to put it in the refrigerator to cool down and then immediately in the freezer.

Warm up the spinach

Has it been a few weeks and you have an appetite for spinach again? Let's go. However, you should note that you should thaw the spinach as slowly as possible. That's why you can just put the greens in the refrigerator. If you want to puree the spinach, you can also thaw it in the saucepan and boil it with a little water. Then add a dash of cream and puree it nicely.