Airlines are waiting for connecting passengers

Can I make a connecting flight to Baku Airport (GYD) in 45 minutes and do I need a transit visa?

I am planning to take a trip home from Beijing (PEK) to Copenhagen (CPH) in August and the cheapest I can find is a "tripod" through Baku (GYD) and Berlin (TXL) with Azerbaijan Airlines. The thing is, there are only 45 minutes between landing in Baku and leaving for Berlin. (provided there are no delays - I have no experience with this airline).

  1. Will this be enough time for me to get from the arrival gate to the departure gate?
  2. Since both flights are operated by the same airline, you should be aware of connecting passengers and wait for them in case of flight delay, yes? Or am I optimistic?
  3. Do I have to pick up my luggage and check it in again (in which case I will certainly not have time for the flight)?
  4. Finally, do I need an inter-flight transfer visa (EU citizens if that's important)?


Are these flights on a single ticket? I generally see a minimum connection time of 1 hour with GYD. Can you provide the flight numbers?


Flight numbers are J268 and J263. It's a one way ticket from Beijing to Copenhagen that I found on


The layover for this flight in GYD is 1:45


  1. PEK-J268-GYD-J263 TXL has a break of 1 hour 45 minutes in GYD. This is above the minimum connect time and should be fine. However, Azerbaijani airlines (J2) only offer one flight per day from GYD to TXL. If you miss it, they will most likely rebook you the next day and have to stay overnight. It is possible that they rebook you through a different route and occasionally rebook you to another airline, but I would doubt that.

  2. Airlines rarely wait for connecting passengers these days, but possibly when a significant number of passengers arrive from a connecting flight.

  3. Your bag should be checked through to your final destination and you shouldn't have to pick it up in Baku.

  4. Enter your citizenship and travel dates in Timatic and you will find out if you need a visa. Timatic is the system that airlines use to determine whether you need a visa and therefore not carry you without a visa.


Thanks, I think this answers all of my questions! I checked the Azerbaijan Airlines website and it is also listed as a 1h45m connection. I think it must be a mistake on the provider side.