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8 free Melbourne attractions

Melbourne and Australia in general are not among the cheap travel destinations. Groceries or visits to restaurants are a bit more expensive than in Central Europe, in the evening a visit to the bar or alcohol are really noticeable in the wallet.

So that there is still some money left for a weekend in Sydney, for example, I would like to introduce you to 8 sights and places in Melbourne that will not cost you a cent.

Royal Botanical Gardens

The Melbourne Botanical Gardens are located on the south bank of the Yarra and extends over 38 hectares. The most colorful time is of course spring when everything is in bloom. But the park is also unique in summer and autumn. If you stay longer in Melbourne and visit the botanical garden more often, you will surely discover new places, plants and trees again and again.

The herb garden is a must for chefs. Countless herbs are planted here and give off a very special scent.

The Tan Track is a popular meeting place for hobby and professional athletes. The 3.84-kilometer route leads around the park and was designed by Craig Mottram Completed in 2004 in the record time of 10 minutes and 12 seconds.

The homecoming of the penguins

In St Kilda you can watch the penguins in the evening when they (from their job? ) have come back. The little ones waddle and hop on the stones after dark and with some of them I had the feeling that they were enjoying the attention of the visitors.

We were advised to get to the pier during twilight, but they didn't really show up until after dark - a little patience definitely pays off here! On the other hand, the time until the cute animals appear can be bridged with atmospheric sunset photos at the harbor or some skyline photos.

I, too, would like to appeal to reason and refrain from taking photos with flashes! There are notice boards and yet some people do not adhere to them (be it out of ignorance of how to operate the camera, or simply because they are greedy for a hot photo). It is uncomfortable for both the animals and the other visitors if it keeps flashing in the dark.

Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance was originally built to commemorate the men and women who served in World War I. Now it is a memorial to all Australians who fought in wars.

It can be visited freely and the observation terrace offers a beautiful view over the botanical garden to the Central Business District in the center of Melbourne.

Queen Victoria Market

You can find almost anything you've ever looked for at this central Melbourne market! Almost everything is offered, from delicious vegetables, fruit, fish and meat to socks, sweaters and kitchen utensils to souvenirs for those who stayed at home. Not to be forgotten are the numerous food stalls and musicians who serve the Queen Victoria Market make it an experience.

City Circle Line

The City Circle Line starts in the Docklands Drive, drives along the La Trobe Street, turns into the Spring Street and leads over the Flinders Street and Harbor Esplanada back to Docklands Drive. There are numerous sights in the center of Melbourne, such as the port, the parliament or the St. Paul's Cathedral, happens.

This tram line also takes you to the Flinders Street Station past, from where many bus and train connections also lead to other cities. And the best thing is, the City Circle Line can be used as often and as long as you want free of charge!

Hosier Lane

The Hosier Lane is one of the most famous streets in Melbourne due to the numerous and very high quality graffiti. It is located opposite the entrance to the atrium on Federation Square at the Flinders Street. For those interested in street art, it is also worth visiting several times, because the graffiti changes almost daily and so there are constantly changing or new motifs.

Make sure you take your camera with you!

China Town

China Town goes back to the 1850s when many people came to Australia because of the gold rush sentiment. Today is China Town Melbourne is the largest Chinese neighborhood in the western world and one of the oldest in the southern hemisphere.

Most of it takes place in Little Bourke Street from. From there, small alleys branch off in the direction Bourke Street and Lonsdale Street. If you like Chinese cuisine, a visit to a restaurant with hot pots is recommended. Here you can briefly simmer meat and vegetables in pots with hot soup, which are available in different degrees of heat (similar to fondue).

Living Legends

Living Legends is a riding stable where racehorses too old for competitions spend their retirement years. The horses can be visited daily for a small entry fee.

Much more interesting in my opinion Woodlands Historic Parkwhich is located around the racing stable. Because here, only half an hour's drive from the center of Melbourne, you can watch kangaroos and cockatoos in the wild. Despite the proximity to the airport (airplane lovers can also observe landing approaches here very well) there are some herds of kangaroos in the pastures that are more or less shy of people.

For this excursion tip you need a car as it is from the airport to theWoodlands Historic Park walking too far and too dangerous would be too dangerous. Visiting the park is free.

Do you know any other sights or insider tips in and around Melbourne? Let us know, I would be very happy about it!

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