How did you reinvent yourself


The former national soccer goalkeeper and German champion from 2007 Timo Hildebrand is our guest today at Studicast. And he was definitely one of our preferred guests and not only because he was an outstanding goalkeeper, but also because he managed to reinvent himself far away from football. Of course, right at the beginning we are talking about the footballer Timo Hildebrand, about the funniest moments of the championship celebration in 2007, about a traumatic evening at Stanford Bridge in London or the question of how you actually feel when you are without a club overnight. Timo got to know the dark side of the elbow society football, experienced what it is like when nobody asks about you anymore. There are more important topics than football, he makes that clear. We talk about the time off he took after his career, a road trip to the USA, an excursion into the agency world and the question of whether he would like to work again for his heart club, VfB Stuttgart. Timo is enthusiastic and one topic was burning under his nails during his career - nutrition! As one of the first professional footballers, Timo spoke openly about vegan, purely plant-based nutrition. And now he would like to pass this passion on and show how versatile and by no means expensive vegan food can be. Timo goes under the restaurateurs and will open a vegan restaurant in Stuttgart. This is called "VHY!" And when it starts, you will find out directly in the episode! We don't run out of good guests these days. Also in the coming week we really have a top-class team at the start. Simply subscribe to us anywhere in your podcast app and you will definitely not miss the upcoming episode!


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