What if Avengers Endgame is bad

Avengers - Endgame Review

Rating: 2.5 / 5

How much I was looking forward to this film, I waited over a year for this film, and it was supposed to be the best film of the year and probably also in the last few years.

I would like to mention here that very many SPOILER are included as my opinion cannot function without them.

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When I saw Inifinity War I couldn't believe what was waiting for me. That was the all, very, very best Marvel movie at the time, and far behind that, nothing came for a long time. For me, the movie was nearly perfect because it had a perfect mix of everything; Humor, action, emotions. The end was really shocking, but you knew roughly that something was going to happen, but you hadn't expected that. The bridge to the continuation was there, a very special cliffhanger that you definitely won't forget. Man, what a blatant feeling it had been when Thanos snapped his finger and then suddenly sat on his terrace and had exterminated 50% of the living beings. Incredible.

I then had to wait 1 year until I found out what would happen next.

And the result was more than disappointing.

Before I start, I'd like to mention that the stupid internet (especially social media like Instagram and Facebook) spoiled me about who's going to die on the good side. The bad thing about it is that it wasn't even movie or Marvel sites, no, but sites that deal with my genre of music. At some point I came to terms with the spoiler, but I was extremely excited about the film because there were still so many unanswered questions. Therefore, I would like to explicitly mention here that without the spoilers I might have only given the film half a hat (with a rating of up to 5 hats) more.

I would like to explicitly mention again that my review is full of spoilers.


Went to the cinema and read the reviews of all users beforehand or roughly looked at what points were given for this film. Here and there I have read that it is the best Marvel film of all time, that the Russo brothers after 11 (?) Years have achieved what everyone finally expected (or something like that), that it is finally a perfect comic film there and and and. The user ratings were mostly between 4 and 5 out of 5 hats.

Yes, the Russo brothers had a tough job to do, but I wonder why they made it with the previous one and not this one?

For me, Avengers Endgame is in the bottom drawer and is actually one of the worst MCEU films I've ever seen; I'm throwing this film in a drawer with Spiderman Homecoming, Thor 1 + 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy ... these are films that come to mind spontaneously. This series is definitely one of the most boring MCEU films and there is no way around giving these films a chance because they are on the verge of getting a better rating.


On the one hand, questions had to be clarified such as: How do you get the dusty heroes back to life? How do you get the stones? Captain Marvel, the strongest hero, how will this hero fight Thanos? How will Thanos die (WARNING: spoilers for Walking Dead: o he is left alive and softened like Neagen from Walking Dead?)? Who will (still) die of the good heroes? Who will sacrifice himself? Since some multiple contracts are expiring, how are they going to dignify goodbye to these characters? Are those who were killed in Infinity War really dead (apart from the ash-making; i.e. Gamora, Vision, Loki)? Yes, there are other questions that kept the film exciting, but I can't remember any of them at the moment.

What was special about the film were the many characters or almost all of the important and less important ones. There were characters like Tony Stark's father or Hank Pym in his younger years, there were all heroes who were still alive, there were even the dead heroes (except for vision, or an allusion to vision: Jarvis , the driver of Tony Stark's father). I just remembered that Odin wasn't there. But which film can even list so many top-class actors, even if one or the other only appeared very briefly?

I also found that important heroes finally died, I even found the supporting character who died here more shocking than the hero who sacrificed himself in the end because it was firmly expected that either Thor, Captain America or Iron Man would die become.

But here I want to continue chronologically ... and who has not checked it yet: SPOILER ALERT! :-)


I think that when a movie starts, the very first opening scene should have an important story to tell; So if I show a character in the very first scene and what happened to him, then I assume that this very scene or character will play a very important role in the course of the film, if not the most important one. It was here that we had seen Hawkeye lose his family. And this scene wasn't important enough to tell the story any further, and the character didn't play a really important role in the course of the film, which is why the opening scene was simply superfluous. The scene could have been left out completely, then two dialogues could have been added in the Tokyo scene, where Hawkeye says that his family disappeared through Thanos. Because I can remember the moment when the film started as if it were an advertisement or as if the film had been on for an hour. The people in the cinema were still talking and didn't even check that the film was showing.


Infinity War got serious and dark very quickly, and yet there were moments when you just had to laugh because the movie was so funny. In IW, the laughs just shot out of me. But what did I experience in Endgame? The jokes were extremely lax, there were very few laughs, the laughs were also totally out of place (after the death of Black Widow, which had to be dealt with first, Roccet started to make jokes). The whole film dragged on until something finally happened. At the beginning we had the fight against Thanos, which ended quickly, from then on nothing happened anymore. You then experienced time travel, a few uncomfortable sayings, a fat, drunk god of thunder, just a little fight between two Captain Americas and somehow that was it. How long did it go before the showdown finally started? Two and a half hour? To be honest, I just got bored for two and a half hours and got deeper and deeper into a kind of dead point that I was very difficult to get out of. It was just too much talk and no action. When the time travel took place, I thought to myself, at least we'll get to see a few action scenes to wake you up again - but no, it was just walking back and forth, chatting with old friends and nothing more. Interesting actions that served the story were then only very meager, for example the conversation between Bruce Banner and the character played by Tilda Hilton, Dr. Stranges Meisterin (forgot name). And if it wasn't like that, then the feeling was just there. And please don't contradict that by saying, that's just the way it is in a three-hour film - then please shorten the three hours and not leave them so long, many things were superfluous in my opinion.


The first good character to die is unfortunately Black Widow. To be honest, that hit me a lot when I inadvertently found out about the spoiler. I especially love Scarlett Johannson and I found Black Widow pretty cool too. In addition, it has often been read that she gets her own solo films (which of course can also mean that they will play in the past). You just didn't think it could be. However, I can well imagine that Johannson simply didn't feel like taking on the role anymore because it always appeared on the side. Either a solo film or no more Avengers film at all, she could have asked for that. Well, I was spoiled before, which is why the shock in the film was not so deep, but I have to say that the same mistake was made here as in IW; because in that part Gamora died in the same place and unfortunately the directors didn't manage to pack it emotionally in such a way that you had to come down from the shock after the cinema. It was the same with Black Widow, she died "too suddenly". It felt like you had a minute to mourn her, but then the next "jokes" came and the mourning phase was already over, especially with a character who has been around since Iron Man 2, you should insert a certain period of mourning , even if there was still a lot to tell afterwards, because it was a long time before the next death of a hero and you could have calmed down in that time ... if you could manage to distract people well.

Short jump to the final: Iron Man is said to be the one who will sacrifice himself among 14 million options. I often discussed with my cinema friend who of the three (Iron Man, Cap, Thor) could die, who could go on living, whose story could be ended and how. I kept coming up with two heroes: 1. Thor, because his story is over, he has nothing left, he has lost everything, from his hammer (which he simply stole from his own self in the film) to his parents and siblings (Loki and Hela) and finally his home. The little leftover people of Asgard don't need a king either (they have Valkyre in case of emergency). So Thor's story is over and he could go to an extreme sacrificial death as a god, in which Thanos would also die. 2. Captain America. The theory that Captain Marvel has not yet got the title "Captain" in her solo film because she will lead the Avengers after Steve Rodger's death and then get the nickname "Captain" appealed to me very much. In addition, Captain America stands for America, or rather for the USA, a very patriotic country. The Americans in particular are those who stand for the fatherland when they die. And that could have been adopted like that. Captain America will sacrifice himself, will die a hero's death, to save all living beings. Since he's almost invincible anyway and so strong that he can even use Thor's hammer, it was difficult for me to find a suitable solution for how he would leave the team. But then the film surprised me and showed me that there is a way. Well, those were just fantasies. Who really dies is Iron Man, actually the shocker at all. Iron Man in particular has been my favorite and I couldn't believe that he would die just as he was raising a child and founding himself with Pepper Potts; he had everything he needed. This Iron Man in particular, who has been with the MCEU since day 1, should have had a better scene. Because this exit scene was a pretty weak one, emotionally. He sacrifices himself and is only unable to move on the floor, instead of giving him a line or two to say goodbye and to calm his wife and his "son" Spiderman, they just left him like a nursing case. Peter Parker had his little emotional moment with Tony Stark, so far okay, but then his wife came along and I just thought "WHAT PLEASE?" Seriously now, didn't that sound like she was putting up with it, much less okay with Tony leaving? The wife who has a child with him! For me a very clear, weak scene, even quite embarrassing. Even my cinema partner, who was NOT spoiled in advance and who kept telling me that he would run amok if the directors let Iron Man die, found the scene ONLY okay.

I will speak of Bruce Banner / Hulk and Nat / Black Widow below.


Captain Marvel: She's the strongest hero of all heroes I've been told and I've read that many times. So I was curious what to expect when it happened to Thanos. That she came at the beginning was perhaps a little too early. They attacked the Thanos from their time together, where Marvel did not have to invest so much strength, then she left again. Towards the end she reappeared instead of being kept with you and doing the jobs together. Towards the end I thought to myself, now she's going to give Thanos a huge spank. Instead, we actually only saw her destroy a huge ship, briefly attack the army and briefly defy Thanos. We didn't see a huge fight. That's why I was very disappointed that a big barrel was opened for her character.

Captain America: Actually, I want to briefly mention how long has Captain America been able to lift Thor's hammer like that? I mean, while in Avengers 2 we saw him lift it up slightly, why now all of a sudden like a kid's toy? Could he do it beforehand and deliberately not wanting to show the other Avengers that he was equal to Thor? Most of all, Captain America is an experiment, so how can he use something magical like Thor's weapon? Because Thor's weapon has this spell that only a chosen one can use it ... correct me if I'm wrong.

Thor: The following is really not supposed to be an attack on overweight people, but I thought it was pretty ridiculous that you gave Thor his body and that for the whole film. I mean, of course, you can really use the fattest person in the world and that he can handle Thanos henchmen, but then this character must not change either. I would have had the "original" Thor especially for the grand finale, because it is his graduation somewhere (I don't know if he will actually join the Guardians of the Galaxy). But I found it very absurd that he goes into battle as a fat boy - new hairstyles, new armor, missing limbs or body parts are always very difficult to digest with main characters, but that such a powerful character is turned into a "fat man", I can't figure that out. And as I said, that doesn't mean that fat people can't tear anything, it's just about the optical transformation (in Thor 3, for example, his short hairstyle also annoyed me quite a bit).

Hawkeye: I actually wrote something to him about the opening sequence above; if you portray someone like that, then they should also play a fairly important role, although I found their role to be extremely superfluous. One could also have used the Hulk to accompany Black Widow to this place of sacrifice (Vomit?). That would have been more blatant, because Hulk could then have found himself in the role of Hawkeye, wanted to sacrifice himself, and then Black Widow tried by all means to stop this bold man. The two in particular had a certain romance since Avengers 1. This part also fits under the "Emotions" category above, because although Bruce Banner and Black Widow kept coming up with each other, the relationship between the two was just cold. Even after Black Widow's death, Hulk was only seen flinging a bench, nothing more. Weak.


The best thing about the movie was actually the ending. Because for months I was developing theories about what could happen to the three big characters (Thor, Iron Man, Cap); two of them have no contract renewals, so their stories had to be ended somehow - but will both of them die? That would be too much, because the death of the other would lose weight / importance. So one had to die and the other had to have another dignified exit. But how is a Captain America supposed to teach the team that he will no longer be involved? Precisely this leader, this soldier, this fighter, he cannot say that he is emotionally battered, so that he will stop, because that would be a defeat. And if Cap did die and Iron Man survived, how is Iron Man supposed to stay out of the whole situation? He's actually just as much a fighter as long as he has his suits on. So I have to say that the perfect ending has been found for both of them. One dies, the other returns to the time in which his great love lives and leads a completely normal life. He then gives his sign to the next person who could be Cap America. The sight of a very aged Steve Rogers had been very difficult to cope with.

I have to say to Thanos, I think it's a shame that he was "eliminated" with a snap of his fingers. Because, as we know, it still exists, just trapped like 50% of the living beings in the galaxy were. So Thanos is NOT dead. Since the stones have not been destroyed, nor the glove, there is actually a return of Thanos, which I secretly do not hope, because then the death of Iron Man was pointless. The best thing would be to "aim at the head" :-)

My conclusion: The title of my review sounds a bit appropriate. Everything for the ThANUS.This film should have been shot completely differently, especially after having worked 22 films or 11 years towards it and started a real wave with the last part Infinity War. The hype surrounding this part was just insane. Even people who don't really like Marvel movies but have watched Infinity War have told me how fascinating this part was. And they just screwed up with Endgame. There weren't any good jokes, no emotions (as I said, I was spoiled on Black Widow and Iron Man, but as I know myself, the scenes could have hit me anyway, but didn't make it), the characters were mine limp, the first two hours were hell because they were very lengthy.

It is very puzzling to me how some people can think that this can be the best MCEU film or how they congratulate the Russo brothers on making such a fantastic film that they have waited 11 years for. For me, as I said, one of the weakest MCEU films ever ... from the feeling I would even say that Thor 2 entertained me more. Above all, I wonder what scenes Chris Evans was referring to when he said in an interview that he cried 3 times in the first lesson. There were sad moments here and there (for example when Black Widow found Hawkeye / Ronin in Tokyo and you saw what happened to him after he lost his family), but not so sad that I waste a few tears on them got to.

For me this is not a movie to watch a second time soon ... or sometime in the future. With Infinity War it was completely different: I thought to myself, wow, I feel like going to the cinema again. I wouldn't even want to see Endgame again like Spiderman Homecoming, unless I do an MCEU marathon, because at the end of the day it is of course part of the game due to the death of Iron Man, so on principle. And after all, you can't watch Infinity War and then push Endgame aside haha.

For me not a cinema recommendation and actually not a film to buy, inevitably only if you put Infinity War on the shelf. In retrospect, the 17 euros that I spent on the VIP seats are extremely painful.

I've probably forgotten a few points, but I'm sure I've mentioned all of the positive ones because there weren't many of them. Even the showdown at the end was just too much for me, although I had hoped for some action in between. It was too colorful, too much action (although you have to say that when you send all the heroes into battle, you don't need to be surprised that you are dealing with such a herd, which is very legitimate from the filmmaker's point of view is). The fights against Thanos seemed very nimble, with Infinity War we didn't have the mMn, the fights and the blows were "firmer" and "harder", as well as "more down to earth" ... hard to describe what I mean :-)

In any case, I'm excited to see what Avengers Stories await us in the future and how the fresher characters will lead. Marvel finally managed to build something very awesome with the MCEU that nobody can actually compete with. Even if films like James Bond have roughly the same number of parts, the MCEU is something completely different: Here we have different characters, different stories that have been built into one strand. Many films have been made terrific, one or the other of course a bit weaker, nevertheless you have reached a huge fan base, gained new fans, done very good implementations.

I also have to mention that, thanks to Marvel, movies are still interesting to me. How often have we been disappointed by films like Predator Upgrade or Hellboy - Call of Darkness or Justice League recently? You just can't look forward to films anymore because you know you've often been disappointed. Filmmakers don't invest much in films anymore because they're afraid of failure. At Marvel, however, they know that success is almost a gift and because they have cashed enough from previous films, they can build up the next films bigger.

So, enough hit the keys, now I'll snap my finger and submit the review.

(Edit) 2.5 stars really only because it's the Avengers and Marvel that I practically grew up with. Had it not been so, I would have probably only given 1.5 or 2 stars, as harsh as that may sound.

PS: I just came out of the cinema and it is 3 o'clock in the morning, I am still very tired and it may be that I have made some spelling mistakes or put things completely wrong.

Have fun with my second review so far :-)

Avengers - Endgame Review