What is the description of a liberal person

What does "Liberal" actually mean?


Liberalism can be reduced to a simple formula:

Liberalism = freedom + responsibility + tolerance

The liberal principles and demands have retained their validity.
Preserving, defending and updating them in today's social environment - this is where we see our political task:

  • Freedom of person, opinion and action
  • Freedom means responsibility
  • Recognition of the freedom of one's neighbor
  • Minimal bureaucracy and state tutelage
  • World outlook tolerance and cultural diversity
  • Citizens as part of the economy: the social market economy
  • Environmental protection is a very liberal task so that freedom is also possible tomorrow

10 good reasons for the FDP: 

  1. The FDP is the only freedom party in Germany. She faces a camp of state parties.
  2. The FDP is the only party that counts on the citizen first and not on collectives, large organizations and bureaucracy.
  3. The FDP is the only party that advocates equal opportunities for people at the start and not for equal results at the end.
  4. The FDP is the only party that demands a market economy, performance and free competition.
  5. The FDP is the only party that, instead of messing around with the systems, aims at a fundamental system change from an unjust distribution state to a fair economic society.
  6. The FDP is the only party that fights for the relief of citizens and the economy through tax cuts and tax simplification.
  7. The FDP is the only party that stands for freedom of research and against cowardice to research, which first sees the opportunities and then the risks.
  8. The FDP is the only party for which the market economy is the best social policy.
  9. The FDP is the only party that stands up against paternalism by the state and for the individual responsibility of the citizens, for self-determination instead of external determination.
  10. The FDP is the only party that stands for a reliable and value-oriented foreign policy - for democracy, human rights and the rule of law

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