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PCB PIXture started

PCB PIXture is a new tool for developers who want to improve the visual impression of their circuit boards. Typical applications are front panels, keyboards, circuit board assembly, which is sold as an independent unit, entertainment electronics ... - that is, wherever a certain appearance of your circuit board is an important sales argument. PCB PIXture allows you to use a photo, logo or graphic as a template for printing on your circuit board with standard circuit board technology. The image can appear in black and white as a solder mask image (maskPIXture) or in black / gold (goldPIXture and gold logo).

Check out the video at the end of this blog.

PCB PIXture is a “Smart Menu” in PCB Visualizer®. As such, it complements the four design tools introduced in the past few months. These were developed to support you in optimizing your production data and to ensure that your circuit board is delivered as requested:


We announced the PCB PIXture concept in a BLOG in October 2013 on our website. The reactions were enthusiastic: The blog is by far the most visited of all blogs and the users voted 2: 1 that PCB PIXture is a useful tool. We have now completed our development and PCB PIXture is now a standard option in our PCB pooling services.

There are three options:

  • maskPIXture
  • goldPIXture
  • gold logo


We print rasterized images with black and white solder mask. Since this is a complete solder mask layer, the execution has no effect on the functionality of the circuit board.


The circuit board is completely gold-plated and the image is represented by black solder mask. A transparent solder mask is then applied to seal the surface.

gold logo

Define your logo as a graphic or vector text. The circuit board is fully gold-plated and the logo is represented by the use of black solder mask. The surface is sealed with a transparent solder mask.

How do you use PCB PIXture?

PCB PIXture is a poolable option in our STANDARD pool service.

  1. PCB PIXture uses the PCB Visualizer® wizard. Either upload your order as usual and then click on PCB Visualizer® in the shopping cart, or you can use the “data analysis” function. For a price calculation, select “PCB PIXture” in the selection for the solder mask and additionally for goldPIXture andgold logo please select “chem. Nickel-gold all over ”as a soldering surface.
  2. Click the PCB PIXture Wizard button in the Board Definition section.
  3. If you have not yet specified the page on which PCB PIXture should appear, select it now:

    and choose Solder Mask Black or “none” for the opposite side.

    soldermask for the opposite side
  4. PCB Visualizer® now shows you the complete PCB PIXture wizard.
  5. Choose your PCB PIXture function.
  6. Select an image from the list of saved images, or select “Browse” to add a new one. Images in these formats are processed: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF or BMP
  7. Position the image according to the on-screen instructions. Images for maskPIXture and goldPIXture are automatically rasterized by the PCB Visualizer®. For goldPIXtureand gold logo is automatically “chem. Nickel-gold all over ”selected as the surface. When the image is resized, the assistant will automatically maintain the aspect ratio.
  8. Click “Apply” to close the wizard. Click “Save changes” if all parameters meet your requirements and place the updated order in the shopping cart. You can then “go to checkout” as usual.
  9. If you want to check the finished image before starting production, you can use the “Production approval” function.

VIDEO: An insight into the PCB PIXture function

This video gives an overview of how PCB PIXture is used and how you can add logos and graphics to your circuit boards.

You can watch this video in full screen at any time by clicking on the right icon Click in the navigation bar and select the resolution and the resolution via the settings symbol increase.

Talk to an expert and just click the chat window on the right side of the screen if you have any questions.