How could Smaug Westron speak

How is Shelob's name known?

"Shelob" was probably not her name

Entertaining Fact, Sam's name is actually Banazîr and his father is Ham Ranugad . Tolkien's stories are said to be translations of old books into English. However, he took a certain amount of freedom when translating names.

"Shelob" is a simple compound word that you for "female" and praise , an archaic word for "spider", which comes from Old English originates :

Sense of "spider, silkworm" from the Proto-European * lubbō , * lubbǭ ("that which hangs or dangles"), from the proto-Indo-European * lep- ("peel, skin").

(Yuck, so seem praise and Lepers to have a common origin)

If we start from the "female spider" we can go back to the original Quenya 1 translate (of which there are many forms, but let's take the good old one Parmaquesta , the high elf fish Shape) and you would be something like Get Ungoliel . It's pretty close to Ungoliantë , but liantë means "shady, dark" 2 while that -iel- suffix Female means (Tinúviel etc.)

From there, if we know the original Quenyan, we can find the correct English name She-spider or the more baroque Find Fem-Spider .

I therefore assume that the original work, which is in run which was passed down for centuries, did not name the spider, but instead the name Ungoliel used. Tolkien wanted the rude one spider did not use it and decided to be creative and Shelob too to use.

your more correct Unfortunately, the name seems to have been lost. She might never have had one.

1 The Lord of the Rings derives from the Red book , Texts compiled by, among others, Bilbo and Frodo.In fact, it was written in Westron, the "common speech", but there isn't much information about that language so I chose Quenya instead.

2 The etymology of Ungol and Liantë is unclear and has been changed a few times.Ungol was "dark" initially, but that was obviously not the case with the Lord of the Rings.That would be a great new question, though.


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