Why is Alaska tied to Canada

Looking for freedom and adventure

Canada Alaska - the dreamland for adventurers and storytellers, like the American writer Jack London, whose books about the gold rush in the Yukon prompted me from a young age to follow in the footsteps of the gold diggers over the Pacific coastal mountains, paddle down the Yukon and follow the Klondike Prospecting for gold.

Since I was a child, the north of North America has been my dream of freedom and adventure. There where I can dive into the depths of the forest, lose myself in the vastness of the tundra and where I can paddle on meandering rivers and mirror-smooth lakes without ever meeting a soul. There, where the piercing silence of the northern lights is only broken by the rustling of the trees, the howling of the wolves and the cracking of the wood in the campfire. For me, this is the liberating attitude towards life that always brings me back to Canada and Alaska.

In my latest book "Canada Alaska - In Search of Freedom and Adventure" I have included the most meaningful and adventurous stories of my last twenty years in Canada and Alaska. In doing so, I made sure that all regions from east to west and from south to north, with the most diverse cultures, monumental landscapes, impressive animal worlds and diverse ecosystems, get their place. The protagonists around whom the stories entwine are my long-time friends, gold diggers, soldiers of fortune, fishermen and cowboys, who are rooted in the vastness of the north and its neighbors such as bears, moose, wolves and whales. My intention is to bring the readers closer to the north of North America and to get them in the mood for their own adventure in Canada and Alaska.

from the content

  • The metropolises of Montreal and Toronto
  • Cowboy wedding in Saskatchewan
  • Pacific rainforest adventure
  • Through the Rocky Mountains with Canadian nature photographer Jason Bantle
  • On the Dempster Highway from Dawson City to the Arctic
  • The world of Jeanne Keane, the Eagle Lady
  • Katmai National Park - home to the largest brown bears in the world
  • Prince William Sound - home of the otters
  • Denali National Park - The Serengeti of the North
  • Iditarod - toughest dog sled race in the world
  • Format 26x26 cm
  • bound with colored cover
  • 200 pages with 225 illustrations
  • Stürtz Verlag Würzburg
  • ISBN 978-8003-4859-6