Is Bali safe for solo travelers

Traveling alone to Bali as a woman: 9 ½ important tips that you should know ...

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If you want to travel to Bali as a woman alone, you will quickly notice: It is a very good entry-level destination for women traveling solo *!

Even if a lot has changed there in the last few years - some for the better, some for the bad - it is still a little paradise for me in spite of everything. But on my first visit there I frowned more than once and needed some time to understand the customs, manners and idiosyncrasies of the Balinese.

So here come 9 1/2 Tips and interesting facts that will make traveling in Bali easier for you ...


"Why are you not married?"

“You have boyfriend?” Is probably the most common question you will be asked. Directly after your name, the question of where you come from and where you are going.

Indonesians have to be able to classify you, otherwise their worldview will shake. To do this, they need their origin, destination and relationship status. (This is meant as a joke, but yes, basically these are your key data for you.) Do you deviate from the norm in one of the points ("I don't have a home, I don't yet know where I'm going, I'm self-employed, no, I'm happily single."), they are totally confused.

Then they worry about you because a disordered life, without a plan, is the worst thing they can imagine. So sometimes it's better - just for their peace of mind (not so much yours) - if you have a place of origin, a destination, and a friend at home. Even if it's imaginary.


Honeymoon location # 1: The Gili Islands

As a single you have a harder time in one place: the Gili Islands! There you can hardly stand it anywhere after 6 p.m. without ending up in candlelight romance.

So if you want to travel to Bali alone as a woman to heal your broken heart, stay away from the islets!



As a woman alone to Bali ... and the Kuta cowboys

"Do you want to take me with you?"

There is also a special kind of Indonesian. They are called the "Kuta Cowboys". As the name suggests, you'll find them in abundance in Kuta, mostly on the beach. They usually have several western girlfriends at once and are not afraid to include you as their next object of desire.

Don't worry - they are completely harmless in most cases. And not only available in Kuta.

I think I have seldom received such direct offers from men as I did in Indonesia. If you tell an Indonesian where you are going next, don't be surprised if he asks you if you are going to take him with you. Literally. Straight.

So think about a good answer to your next question beforehand: Why not?


Homestays & Guesthouses: that extra feeling of security

Homestays are accommodations where private families rent out individual rooms. Sounds more complicated to find than it is. I quickly found my way around Bali by simply walking down a side street and being "picked up".

Someone always sees you and offers you a room with them.

Or with his mother. Or his cousin. You will definitely be accommodated!

Either in a room within a large house or in an extra separate room on the "family area". In any case, you will be looked after and bedded down by the family. So a very safe and by no means lonely way to live!

I also learned to love guesthouses, such as the Rama Rooms * and Airbnb accommodations *, in Bali, because I have always come across lovely owners and warm hosts there. I think it's just part of Bali's nature.

My favorite accommodations in Bali:


Free Visa? Departure fee? Airport fee?

If you are not staying in Bali for more than 30 days, the visa is free for Germans! But always remember that your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry.

You can also find these and other practical tips on this page.


Accommodation is a matter of negotiation, not a matter of booking

Apart from the very first night, you should not book any accommodations in advance, even if you travel to Bali as a woman! Unless you are traveling in the absolute high season and have special requirements for your accommodation or maybe for your first nights.

But especially in homestays you can always find a place!

In addition, no price is a fixed price. Believe me! It is always worth acting. The Balinese are used to it, and as long as you stay polite and nice, they will never feel offended (even if some like to pretend to be glamorous) and will laugh and smile with you again at the latest after the deal is closed.

Sometimes it also helps to give a nice thank you and leave if the offer is still inflated. Then the best offers often come after you!


Alone to Bali as a woman: Motos are ideal for you here!

One of the easiest ways to get from A to B is to have a motorcycle taxi driver drive you. In Bali there are now two apps that you can use for this purpose: Grab and Go Jek.

Of course it's a lot more fun to rent a scooter and drive it yourself, but if you can't, these apps are still great!

You should also be aware that you need a motorcycle driving license for the scooters that are rented in Indonesia and, associated with this, an international driving license.

The Indonesians don't see this very closely, but if you as a driver have an accident with a scooter that has a capacity of more than 50cc, your international health insurance may turn the tap off.

So these motorcycle taxi drivers are a great compromise to get through slow traffic.


Sacrifice and gods determine everyday life

In Bali, rituals and sacrifices have a great and very special meaning. Try to respect them where possible (i.e. not step on the offering bowl, for example) and pay attention to them.

Then you can immerse yourself in an exciting, completely new culture on Bali and learn a lot and take it with you.

Festivities and festive days are also celebrated intensively, so it is worth checking out special holidays before traveling (and then definitely booking during this time!)


Don't get in anywhere without negotiating a price

The top priority of a Bali traveler: no trip without first negotiating the fare! This not only saves you endless discussions, but also a lot of money!

Especially with the bemos, the shared taxis, you should be careful if you get on all by yourself. They look like small blue or red delivery vans and instead of storage space, they have 5–8 free spaces at the back.

Then it can happen to you that a bemo driver simply sees himself as a personal taxi driver and you, without knowing it, book an entire bemo for yourself.

So before you get in, ask how much it will cost to get to your destination.

Most bemos have a fixed route, like buses, but are flexible in it. And let me know that you don't want to book the bemo in full.

The same applies to motorcycle taxis: price negotiations in advance!

Some minibuses have fixed routes, and you can buy tickets for them in the Tourist Offices (the official ones, not the self-appointed ones - check online where to find them!).

I have noticed that there are also price lists for these collective buses in the small streets and at many inns and that they are often even cheaper than the tourist offices. So it's simple: Compare prices! It calls out for bargain hunters here.


So there you have it, my 9 facts, so that you can travel to Bali as a woman alone without frowning!

Half the last point I would like to give you is that Bali has changed a lot in the last few years. The paradisiacal picture that is drawn by many blogs and articles when it comes to traveling to Bali as a woman alone has now deviated somewhat from reality. Therefore, please read this article just as thoroughly as this 9 1/2 Facts.

Then you should be able to travel there well prepared and with open eyes.

When are you going there?



Remember these tips to be able to travel to Bali as a woman alone!