Why are we such consumers


We take legal action against the dealers in individual cases. Initially in the form of a so-called warning. That means we ask the dealer in writing to refrain from this behavior. In the best case scenario, the dealer then signs a cease and desist declaration, which is subject to a contractual penalty. If he does not comply, the contractual penalty will be due and the trader will have to pay the stipulated penalty. If the retailer does not issue such a declaration of cease and desist, we as the consumer advice center will take legal action.

Here is an example of a warning:

At the end of October 2016, a large number of consumers complained about the Penny Markt company. The company advertised a special offer in its brochure: When buying 10 packs of Dolce Gusto coffee capsules, consumers should get a Dolce Gusto capsule machine from Krups free of charge. The offer was valid for two days. The small print of the prospectus said: "Due to limited stocks, the item may be sold out shortly after opening." On the first day of the offer, many consumers came to the branches just a few minutes after the store opened and were left with nothing. Most of the coffee capsules on offer were still available, but the promised coffee machine was in most cases already out of stock at this point in time. We warned Penny about this behavior. The company showed its understanding and issued a declaration of discontinuance to us.