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Animal shipping - sending living beings by post

FAQ: animal shipping

Which animals can be sent by post or forwarding?

In the pet trade, shipping reptiles, invertebrates, fish and birds is not uncommon.

What should I watch out for when sending animals?

According to the law, shipping is usually only permitted if the animals are not injured or suffered in the process.

Which regulations apply to containers for animal transport?

Information on the prescribed dimensions can be found here.

Animal in the mail?

Keepers of animals cannot and do not always want to personally take small animals, reptiles and the like from A to B. You have the option to do this on a Animal shipping to fall back on the Shipment of live animals takes over. But what do you have to consider when sending animals? What should the box look like when shipping animals? And what are the costs and what applies according to animal law? In the following guide we provide detailed information and answer all questions.

Sending animals - which ones are allowed to be transported?

Not only private individuals use the option to send live animals. There are also Breeders who sell animals and then send them to customers, for example, if the journey is very long. But what kind of animal can be sent? Are you talking about animal trade then?

Most animal transport companies offer to send the following species:

  • Reptiles
  • invertebrates (such as worms, grasshoppers, bees, etc.)
  • fishes
  • Birds (pigeons, poultry, parrots, etc.)
  • Small animals (including rodents and hedgehogs)

Is there a law that regulates the shipping of live animals?

What must be considered when sending animals in Germany is, among other things, in the Animal Welfare Transport Ordinance (TierSchTrV) described. It is divided into six sections and defined in 24 paragraphs, which regulations are to be observed.

Basically, however, a The shipping of animals is only allowed if it is ensured that they are not injured and do not experience any avoidable suffering must and animal welfare is taken into account.

One of the most significant Provisions are those relating to the nature of the containers when transporting animals. Accordingly, the following dimensions must at least be adhered to when shipping:

  • Shipping of poultry (chickens, ducks, geese etc.): At a weight of 170 square centimeters per kg must be available for up to two kilograms. Has the box for transport at least 23 cm high to be. From four kilograms you are entitled to a space requirement of 130 square centimeters per kg and the box must be at least 25 cm high.
  • Shipping of animals for cats and dogs (shipping for small animals): Here are Average height and length at the withers of the animal is decisive. Very small four-legged friends with a height of up to 20 cm and a body length of up to 40 cm need a Container no less than 30 cm wide and 30 cm high. At least 1200 square centimeters must be made available as a movement area for the animal. Very large animals (up to 85 cm high and 1.6 m long) are to be transported in boxes with dimensions of 85 cm wide and 1.15 m high and an area of ​​13,600 square centimeters.
The dimensions cannot be adhered to if you have the animal transported by plane.

The one used when shipping animals The transport box must protect the host animal from foreseeable harmful weather influences. If this cannot be guaranteed, transport is permitted if care is taken during the shipment that equivalent protection is guaranteed.

The regulation stipulates that the The sender of a parcel of animals must pay particular attention to the correctness of the recipient address.

Just like his own, he must indicate this on the transport box. It is also important that the stress for the animals remains as low as possible the sender is obliged to inform the recipient of this before sending:

  • when the package will be sent
  • when and where the animal shipment will probably arrive (pick-up location)
  • how the animal will be shipped

If the animal dispatch takes 12 hours or more, the sender has to pay for it To ensure that the animal is given sufficient food and water before loadingthat help him get through the long road.

When sending animals, the Cash on delivery not excluded. However, it is strictly ensured that the sender and recipient comply with the rules and regulations. One of them is that the animal shipping of poultry and Co. Cash on delivery is only allowed if ordered in writing is. That means: The The recipient must clearly communicate his will and also document it in writingthat he accepts the dispatched animal as soon as it arrives. In Countries that do not belong to the EU, is the Cash on delivery of animal packages excluded.

The animal dispatch in Austria

Which rules have to be followed when sending animals mostly not just a matter of the country, but is determined at EU level for all members. Therefore, the following legal regulations apply not only to animal dispatch from Germany to Austria, but also in Austria itself:

  • Regulation (EC) No. 1/2005
  • the animal protection transport ordinances (TierSchTrV)
  • IATA Live Animals Regulations (IATA LAR)
  • as well as those specifications which are made by the veterinary authorities of the corresponding region
At the Fish shipping in Austria Responsible senders make sure that the water is enriched with oxygen so they don't choke. Furthermore the animals are no longer given any food shortly before transportso that the water in which they are transported remains clean. Take care if necessary Heating pad for the animals to be comfortably warm on their journey.

By the way: If you want to enter Austria with your cat or dog, you have to adhere to certain rules, otherwise you are not allowed to bring the animal into the country.

What does animal shipping cost?

How expensive is shipping reptiles or small animals for you, depends, among other things, on the provider. The following factors also determine the price of the shipment:

  • How big is the package?
  • How heavy is the animal or the shipment?
  • What time should the package be picked up?

When it comes to animal mail, many companies offer one Basic price, which is only valid up to a certain weight. Is the charge heavier, there is an extra charge. In addition, when sending animals, the costs are often based on what extra services You want to avail. If the recipient address turns out to be wrong after posting, you usually have to dig deeper into your pocket.

With which provider the price-performance ratio is best, you will get a Market analysis out. So you should already inquire in good time before an animal is to be sent on a journeywhich company you want to entrust with the sensitive task. Because cheap animal shipping is not always the best.

The online pet delivery

Many companies now offer that you can send small animals to Austria and other animals to other countries can also organize online. All that is required of you is a Fill in the online order form with the most important data.

That gives you the benefit can also calculate the prices to be paid for animal mailings on the Internet. All you need for this is an online calculator and information about the species to be sent, the size and weight of the package.

If you want to make the animal mailing cheap, it is advisable to also pay attention to the payment modalities. After all, there is a certain fee for cash on delivery, among other things, which drives up the price.
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Animal shipping - sending living beings by post
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