What was your unusual marriage proposal?

But now the 30-year-old wholesaler took heart to propose to his Moni (29). But not just any: "It should be a very special one," says Christoph. That's why he secretly had a banner made, invited a number of friends and casually said to his heavily pregnant sweetheart: "Let's go to the Hochries again. You love going to the mountains." Unsuspecting, the 29-year-old psychologist, who is expecting her first child in mid-September and who lives with her Christoph in Beyharting near Bad Aibling, agreed to the proposal. Last Sunday, in perfect weather, it was so far: the last few meters from the mountain railway to the Hochriesh├╝tte at the summit of the Hochries were mastered, a nice seat was found, the coffee was served. Now the main thing should come: "I was really nervous," confessed the father-to-be. And off we went: The friends rolled out the huge banner with the slogan "Moni, do you want to be my wife?". Christoph's heart beat up to his neck: How would his great love react? What would the answer be? Then came a loud, happy yes and many kisses as soon as Moni Br├╝ckl realized that the banner was meant for her. "I really hadn't suspected anything," she said in an interview with the OVB home newspaper. Now they are supposed to get married in August so that everything is in order. Incidentally, the two got to know each other about a year and a half ago: while eating with friends. Photos knothe