Why should you become a diplomat?

How do you become a diplomat?

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The job profile of a Dimplomat is characterized by a lot of traveling, meeting high-ranking personalities and representing the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany to the outside world. Many also associate reputation with their job. The job at the Foreign Office apparently did a certain charm. But what does it really mean to be a diplomat? How do you become a diplomat?

Job description diplomat

Before the question “How do you become a diplomat? “Can be answered, the job description of a diplomat is presented. They are called diplomats Employees in the higher service at the Foreign Office. You work with interesting people, get to know the world and master demanding tasks. Diplomats are working on 230 foreign representations worldwide. The area of ​​responsibility is very broad. To the Areas of responsibility belong:

  • Bilateral relations Germany with other states
  • German interests represented in international bodies
  • European politics
  • Germany's role in the United Nations
  • Foreign trade
  • International energy / environmental policy
  • International Relations ((international) legal aspects)
  • Cultural and educational policy
  • Consular support for German citizens

As a diplomat you are a network and a mediator, since you represent and explain German interests and positions abroad. Besides this mediation observe they also the domestic and foreign policy of the country in which they are at the moment. Just like culture and society. Since the areas of responsibility are so extensive, diplomats must always familiarize yourself with new topics. During the first 10 years in particular, they should get to know as many areas and regions as possible. But that also means that you can Relocated to another country every 2 to 3 years becomes. After a few years technical or regional specializations turn out. But even then you will still be transferred to a new place of work every 3 to 4 years. A diplomat spends around half of his professional life abroad. The place of employment can also be in a Crisis area his or in other areas with difficult living and climatic conditions.
Furthermore, diplomats receive early Personnel responsibility. This is particularly the case abroad. Also the ascent into one leading position is possible. Since there are not very many diplomats, it is likely that you will be able to take on a management position in your professional life.

How do you become a diplomat?


Now the question still arises, “How do you become a diplomat? ". To become a diplomat, you have to have a few high requirements fulfill:

  • academic degree (Master's degree or equivalent) (special need for fully qualified lawyers and economists)
  • German citizenship
  • Very good English proficiency and French or another official language of the United Nations
  • Height intellectual capacity
  • High political understanding
  • Very good Communication skills and sociability
  • Social and intercultural skills
  • Unrestricted worldwide transfer willingness
  • Strategic thinking
  • Leadership skills, assertiveness, ability to work in a team
  • health aptitude (determined by medical examination)
  • Advanced security review according to § 9 Security Review Act (SÜG)

Selection process and preparatory service

The question “How do you become a diplomat? “To finally answer, you have to look at the selection process and the preparatory service in the next step. One can only apply for the higher service apply online. Once a year find that written selection process instead of. The Language skills, knowledge of politics, law, economics, history and general education checked as well as the psychological suitability. You should rely on this test prepare intensively. The website of the Federal Foreign Office, where a lot of information on the subject is available, can be used as a source of information. Reading the national press is also recommended. The written part is followed by another oral part. Unlike the written part, this can only be repeated under very specific conditions.
If you have successfully participated in the selection process, the will start 14-month preparatory service. This is carried out at the Foreign Service Academy Berlin-Tegel. 35-45 attaché (s) complete this service every year. During this time you are a civil servant on revocation. In the end there is one written and oral career test. The prospective diplomats are both theoretically, as well as practically trained and prepared for later work


The question “How do you become a diplomat? “Was thus answered. The job of a diplomat is very diverse, but it also demands a lot. In addition to high requirements for the profession, above all the unrestricted worldwide transfer willingness to be considered. Not every person and not every family wants to move to a new country every three years or so. This also always means that friends are left behind, which can be particularly problematic for children. In addition, it should be clear to you before you apply that deployments in crisis areas and in areas with difficult climatic conditions and poor health care are very likely. If you are ready for all of this and meet the above requirements, the job description of a diplomat offers you many possibilities and good opportunities for advancement. Because the subject areas are so broad, you can always face new challenges and so Take an active part in shaping Germany's foreign policy.

Here you come to the website of the Federal Foreign Office:

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