How do I sell medical equipment

Selling medical devices - the marketplace of

Together with our second platform, a 100% subsidiary of Medizinio, we have developed a marketplace for the free sale of used medical technology. Doctors' practices, hospitals and clinics can sell their medical devices (EKG devices, ultrasound devices, etc.) there quickly and safely. At the same time, medical equipment can of course also be bought there.

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Challenges in Selling Medical Devices

Selling a medical device can bring beads of sweat to your face and rightly so, as you have had to raise a fair amount for it in the past. One wonders:

  • What is my old device worth?
  • Should I sell the device in Germany or abroad?
  • Which dealers could be interested in my device?
  • Did I get a fair offer?

Solution: The medical technology sales platform - free of charge!

All your worries and concerns will be eliminated with the new used equipment market from - and completely free of charge!

Set up your medical device for free and wait until you receive your first offer. You can accept or decline this offer. Only when you have the feeling that you have received a fair price can you accept the offer.

Your sales offer will remain online until you deactivate it or until you accept the first offer. After accepting an offer for the first time, the countdown starts from 7 days. After the countdown has expired, the bidder will receive your contact details and you can then make an appointment to view the device. The purchase contract is only concluded after a successful inspection of the device.

Sell ​​ultrasound equipment

Technological change is progressing consistently and means that ultrasound devices are no longer “state of the art” after a few years. However, this is subjective - what is too old for you may be sufficient for other doctors. Selling ultrasound devices is always a good decision!

Before selling your ultrasound machine, you should collect all the necessary pictures, documents and information. The most important thing is to have good pictures of the probes to assess the quality. The price you can get for your old ultrasound device depends largely on the condition of the probes. When buying, for example, specialist dealers pay attention to: crystal failures, broken cables and holes in the lens.

Our info checklist:

  • Images of the device and the probes
  • operation manual
  • Software (version and possible extensions)
  • Purchase date
  • Date of sale or collection date
  • Photos of the probes
  • Current recordings of the device

Sell ​​x-ray machines

Some x-ray machines may contain components made of cadmium or lead. These substances have to be disposed of separately - that costs time and money. It is easier to sell your used X-ray machine. In order to optimally determine the value of your used X-ray system, please always state the counter reading of your X-ray tube. This largely determines the value of your old system.

Of course, you can sell any medical X-ray machine on our marketplace, including:

  • Sell ​​dental x-ray machines (OPG, DVT, intraoral)
  • Sell ​​C-arms
  • Sell ​​a CT machine
  • Sell ​​angiography equipment
  • Sell ​​fluoroscopy equipment
  • Sell ​​mammography equipment
  • Sell ​​veterinary x-ray machines
  • Sell ​​mobile X-ray machines

Sell ​​EKG machines

Of course, you can also sell EKG machines here. Many doctors use EKGs until they break, but there are of course exceptions. For example, if you have a resting ECG device, but you now also want to perform exercise ECGs, but your device does not support this, then selling it is an option.

Sell ​​MRI

A used MRI machine can save a lot of money. You can be sure that if you sell an MRI scanner, it will definitely get a lot of attention. The potential buyer would like to be well informed about the device due to the comparatively high sales price. Providing the following information will increase the chance of your MRI being sold:

  • Device status including functional details (a data sheet is recommended)
  • Which software?
  • Operating instructions including CD-ROMs
  • Take a picture of the work label

Sell ​​sterilizers and washer-disinfectors

If you want to sell your sterilizer or washer-disinfector, then you've come to the right place! The same applies here, of course: the more information you provide, the better your sales opportunities.

Note: You can sell any medical device here. A small selection:

  • Selling dental chair
  • Sell ​​medical lasers
  • Sell ​​dental treatment unit
  • Sell ​​shock wave device
  • Sell ​​an endoscope
  • and much more.

Medical devices that are not listed here can also be sold through us. Take advantage of our wide range and just try it out!

Purchase of medical technology

Large medical devices are not easy to dispose of. We relieve you of the work and offset the purchase of your old equipment with the purchase of the new one. It couldn't be easier or cheaper for you. Of course, you can also sell your used medical technology to us without purchasing a new device.