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1 Samuel 20
Hope for all

David and Jonathan swear allegiance to one another

20 David fled from the settlement of the prophets in Rama. He secretly went to Jonathan and asked him: “What have I done wrong? What did I do against your father? Why does he want to kill me? "

"How do you get that?" Jonathan tried to reassure his friend. “Nobody wants to kill you! You know very well that my father won't do anything without first discussing it with me, be it important or unimportant. Why should he hide his murderous intentions from me, of all people? No, David, you have got it wrong. "

But David contradicted: “Of course you don't know anything about it, because your father realized long ago that you are my friend. That's why he doesn't want to burden you with it. But I say to you: As surely as the Lord lives and as you stand alive before me: My life hangs by a thread! "

Jonathan declared: "I want to do everything for you." Then David said, “The new moon festival begins tomorrow. I was supposed to appear as a guest at the royal banquet. But I'd better not come, but hide somewhere nearby until the evening the day after tomorrow. If your father asks about me, tell him: 'David urgently asked me to let him go to his hometown Bethlehem for a short time because his family wants to celebrate the annual festival of the sacrifice.' If your father agrees, then we know that I am not in danger. But if he becomes angry, it means that he is up to evil. Please do me this favor! Remember the covenant of friendship you made with me before the Lord. But if I've really done something wrong, you kill me, just don't hand me over to your father. "

Jonathan fended off: “I'll never do anything like that! As soon as I find out that my father decided to kill you, I'll tell you. " 10 David asked, "But how do I find out whether your father is angry or not?"

11 Jonathan suggested: "Come on, let's go out into the field together!" 12 he continued: “I promise you, before the Lord, the God of Israel, to find out what my father thinks of you by this time the day after tomorrow. If he's kind to you and I forget to tell you, 13 then the Lord should punish me heavily for it. But if I notice that my father wants to kill you, I want to tell you that too and not hold you back so that you can get to safety. May the Lord help you as he used to help my father! 14 But I also have a request to you: Be as kind to me as the Lord is to you all my life! Don't kill me once you're king! 15 Even more: spare my descendants too and never withdraw your favor from them, not even if the Lord has completely eliminated all your enemies. "

16 So Jonathan made a covenant with David and his family and said: "May the Lord bring all your enemies to account!"[a]17 He asked David: "Swear to me that you will stick to it as surely as you love me today as your friend." Jonathan loved David as he did his own life.

18 Then Jonathan explained his plan: “Tomorrow is the new moon festival. Of course you will be missed if your space remains empty. 19 So go down in the evening after the party to the field where you have already hidden yourself. Sit down there behind the big pile of stones. 20 I'll then come out randomly and shoot three arrows in your direction as if to hit a specific target. 21 As usual, I will then send my servant out to collect the arrows again. And now watch out! If I say to the boy: 'The arrows are not far from me, bring them here!' Then you can come out of your hiding place. You then know that you have nothing to fear, as true as the Lord lives. 22 But if I say to my servant: 'The arrows are farther away', then that means that you must flee immediately, yes, that the Lord himself will send you away from here. 23 However, what we have agreed today should apply forever. The Lord himself is a witness of our mutual promise. "

David has to flee for good

24 As agreed, David hid in the field. On the day of the new moon festival, the king sat at the table for the feast. 25 As usual, he sat in his place on the wall next to Abner and across from Jonathan. But David's place remained empty.

26 Saul didn't say anything that day because he thought, "I'm sure David can't be clean for some reason."

27 But when David's place remained empty on the second holiday, Saul asked his son, "Do you know why this son of Jesse did not come to dinner yesterday or today?" 28 Jonathan replied: “He urgently asked me to excuse him so that he could go to Bethlehem. 29