What are some aging problems

Directorate-General for Waterways and Shipping

The reform of the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV) is intended to help better cope with the scope of tasks, which has increased significantly in recent years due to new legal obligations and increasing aging problems of the structures.
In addition, around 5,500 of the around 17,300 jobs at the WSV have had to be cut since 1993, so today more than 30% of the staff is no longer available.

The first important milestone of the reform was the merging of the tasks and, successively, of the staff of the seven regionally responsible waterways and shipping directorates in a general directorate for waterways and shipping (GDWS) on May 1st, 2013. At the same time, the waterway-related tasks in the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure were reorganized and the tasks previously carried out there and coordinated by central authorities have been delegated or have been dropped. The GDWS is based in Bonn and will also be represented at its previous locations for some time.

After the GDWS was set up and started work, the next step on the agenda was the reform of the subordinate office level. Above all, this included the reorganization of the 39 waterways and shipping authorities to date. In the future, only 17 waterway and shipping authorities will be holistically and comprehensively responsible for associated traffic areas. All locations of the previous offices will be retained. The establishment of the new waterways and shipping authorities began in early 2019 and is expected to be completed in 2021.

The WSV reform is implemented in a socially acceptable manner at all administrative levels. The employees and their interest groups are actively involved.

new officesformer officesFacility

WSA Ems-North Sea

WSA Emden


WSA Meppen

WSA Weser-Jade-North Sea

WSA Bremen


WSA Bremerhaven
WSA Wilhelmshaven

WSA Elbe-North Sea

WSA Tönning


WSA Hamburg
WSA Cuxhaven

WSA Kiel Canal

WSA Brunsbüttel


WSA Kiel-Holtenau

WSA Baltic Sea

WSA Lübeck13.10.2020
WSA Stralsund

WSA Rhine

WSA Cologne


WSA Duisburg-Rhine
WSA Bingen

WSA Upper Rhine

WSA Freiburg


WSA Mannheim

WSA Mosel-Saar-Lahn

WSA Koblenz


WSA Trier
WSA Saarbrücken

WSA Neckar

WSA Heidelberg


WSA Stuttgart

WSA Main

WSA Aschaffenburg12.04.2021
WSA Schweinfurt


WSA Nuremberg


WSA Regensburg

WSA West German Canals

WSA Duisburg-Meiderich


WSA Rheine

WSA Mittelland Canal / Elbe Lateral Canal

WSA Minden


WSA Braunschweig
WSA Uelzen

WSA Weser

WSA Hann. Münden


WSA Verden

WSA Elbe

WSA Lauenburg11.03.2021
WSA Magdeburg
WSA Dresden

WSA Spree-Havel

WSA Brandenburg


WSA Berlin
WSA Oder-HavelWSA Eberswalde06.10.2020