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Mourning for Marcel Meili

The Zurich architect Marcel Meili died on March 18, 2019. The ETH professor and sponsor of social and cultural projects, together with his office partner Markus Peter, was to receive the Prix Meret Oppenheim this summer, the highest award for Swiss artists and architects.


Text: Julian Bruns - 19.3.2019
Image: Walter Mair


Marcel Meili, born in 1953, studied architecture at the ETH Zurich. There he taught from 1999 to the beginning of 2019, initially as a lecturer and later as a professor. Until it was dissolved in summer 2018, he formed the ETH Studio Basel with Roger Diener, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. This happened in 2005 with the three-part publicationSwitzerland, an urban portraitAroused great attention even beyond the Swiss architecture discourse, because they suggested that areas with little development potential should be abandoned in the future.


Iconic buildings and private commitment
Marcel Meili has been working with his office partner Markus Peter since 1987. They have shaped the Swiss architecture discourse over the past thirty years like no other office. Together with Axel Fickert and Kaschka Knapkiewicz, for example, they built the platform covering for Zurich's main train station (1997). Further milestones of the office in Zurich are the Park Hyatt Hotel (2004), the Zölly high-rise (2014) and the open warehouse area (2016). There are also numerous now iconic buildings outside Zurich and Switzerland: For example, the Rüegg house in Wallisellen (1995) and the Swiss University of Applied Sciences in Biel (1999) as well as the headquarters of Helvetia Italia in Milan (2009), the project Hofstatt on the former site of the Süddeutsche Zeitung in downtown Munich (2013) and the Sprengel Museum in Hanover (2016).
In addition to his work as a professor and architect, Marcel Meili founded da.tu.ma with his brothers Martin and Daniel for the financial support of social and cultural projects. They support Scheidegger & Spiess, Park Books and Kein & Aber, the online newspaper, among othersrepublicas well as the cinemas Bourbaki in Lucerne, Sil Plaz in Illanz and Houdini and Riffraff in Zurich.


> On June 10, 2018, Marcel Meili was to be presented with the Prix Meret Oppenheim together with Markus Peter.

> Inarchithesis1.2019 Swiss performancethe latest work by Meili, Peter Architekten, the company headquarters for the chocolate manufacturer Max Felchlin, is shown for the first time.

> Marcel Meili has forarchithesis 6.2010 coincidence wrote a glossary on the perception of chance.