What is a progressive



The adjective progressive means both "progressive" (in the sense of modern) and "progressive, increasing".

In the first meaning of the word, you can describe things and facts that correspond to the latest state of affairs, present new ideas, are particularly modern, possibly even break with the old, especially in the political or artistic sense.

In the second meaning of the word, processes can be described as progressive, which develop continuously and without significant deviations in a certain direction. In this way, worsening disease courses are characterized, particularly in the medical context.

The term has its origin in Latin, wo progressus "Progress, progress" means.


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[pʁoɡʁɛˈsiːf]

Usage examples

The progressive The ensemble's style was not for everyone, as it broke with many well-tried elements of pop music.

On the one hand she appealed to traditions, on the other hand she found her in particular progressive Approaches great attention.

Even in the case of Alzheimer's, it usually comes to one progressive Course of the disease that can at best be delayed with therapeutic measures.

Grammar and inflection


progressivemore progressivemost progressive

Strong declination

Masculinemore progressiveprogressiveprogressiveprogressive
Feminineprogressivemore progressivemore progressiveprogressive
Pluralprogressivemore progressiveprogressiveprogressive

Weak declination

Masculinethe progressiveof the progressivethe progressivethe progressive
Femininethe progressivethe progressivethe progressivethe progressive
neuterthe progressiveof the progressivethe progressivethe progressive
Pluralthe progressivethe progressivethe progressivethe progressive

Mixed declension

Masculinenot a progressive onenone progressivenot a progressive onenot progressive
Feminineno progressivenone progressivenone progressiveno progressive
neuterno progressivenone progressivenot a progressive oneno progressive
Pluralno progressivesnone progressivenot progressiveno progressives

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