Golf courses are open in the rain

If rain is forecast and you want to change your start time, we can charge you a change fee (see terms and conditions).

Rain, but the place remains open

If it rains but the golf course is open, we can speak to the golf course on your behalf to see if we can reschedule your tee time. Any change in tee time is at the sole discretion of the golf course management and cannot be guaranteed. In the event that we cannot change your tee time and the golf course management does not accept a last minute cancellation, your appearances on the golf course will be expected as planned. There is no refund if you choose not to play. You are not expected to play during a thunderstorm.

Rain and the place is closed

If the golf course is closed due to heavy rain, we will offer you an alternative start time on a different day. If this is not possible, or if you do not want a change, we will refund your green fees in full for that day. (Customers who have also booked a transfer with a driver are asked to contact us before leaving the hotel, as we can NOT reimburse the transfer costs if you have driven to the golf course and then cannot play as planned.)

Rain while you play

If it starts to rain during your game, our contract with you is deemed to have been fulfilled. Any reimbursement of costs due to a shortened game round, i.e. less than 18 holes (or 9 holes on a 9 hole golf course) can only be negotiated on site with the person responsible for the golf course. Each golf course has its own rules and regulations and therefore we cannot give you any tips here. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us and we can speak to the golf course staff on your behalf.

We know how disappointing bad weather can be during your vacation and our team of staff will do everything in their power to provide you with the best possible assistance in the event of bad weather.