Anyone can start a Cypriot company

Company Formation in Cyprus - Establish Cyprus Limited

Who is starting a company in Cyprus suitable for?

Establishing a company in Cyprus is particularly interesting for entrepreneurs who are independent of location (freelancers, marketing experts, FBA dealers), business models in the field of intellectual property (IP box) but also for private individuals such as day traders, authors, Youtubers and digital nomads.

Setting up a company in Cyprus is comparatively cheap and offers a combination of tax benefits Resident in Cyprus numerous advantages over many other jurisdictions within the European Union. In order to benefit from the low Cypriot tax rates, a local manager is essential.

The tax savings compared to other countries are particularly noticeable in the case of high profits. Basically, the higher the taxable annual profit in Cyprus, the higher the tax advantage compared to the usual high-tax countries.

But even with a manageable profit, it is worth setting up a company in Cyprus if you use all the cash benefits in your favor. You should therefore always take your current structural costs, corporate taxes, your personal costs for daily living and income taxes into account.

In addition to the low corporate tax rates, Cyprus offers generous allowances for personal income tax and, like England, Ireland and Malta, also offers the British legal practice of non-dom status.

These advantages are rounded off with numerous double taxation agreements and EU membership. Cypriot company law is liberal and reliable.