What does candidate photo mean

Herbert Piel on election posters and candidate photos:
"I would be ashamed to show such a picture"

4. The left: a photographic ray of hope

"I like this impression best in photography: clear picture, light side lighting, beautiful drawing on the face and top. The question remains whether it really has to be a colored undershirt ... I like implementation, smile, light ; except for the beginning of the bent hand, which is probably resting in the trouser pocket. But otherwise ok "

5. The Prime Minister: Worked intensively

"A picture, apparently taken from real life. If so, I forgive the edited neck fold or the raised jacket collar. If not, then it is well placed - with the blurred person who is still completely free in the background. Light in color desaturated in order to distinguish itself from the riot of colors of the competition and thus to appear a little more serious. However, I don't see the deep right nirvana. But the hair shines nicely. And then from the top and the side too. Great, what they Sun has everything on it: Illuminates hair from above and shines simultaneously on the right of the hair and on the left of the face ...

6. The SPD: Stay away from me!

"Interesting color choice, blue on blue on blue, to concentrate on the essentials, on the face. Nice, even no reflection in the glasses.

BUT: The SPD would not be the first party to cost votes in a pose with negative statements. The message here is distance, distance and a 'Not with you, you voter ...'

One thing can generally be said about crossing your arms: You don't seem particularly ready for activity with this posture.

If you want to convey: "Let's tackle it! I'll be there!", Then it is implausible with crossed arms.

As with the next poster. Here, too, it is about non-verbal signals, such as looking into nowhere (CSU, Söder) or pinched lips instead of an open smile (SPD). "

7. The CSU: Where is the counter?

"Photographed in black and white and lightly colored so that it doesn't look too harsh. Portrayed quite well. Nice lighting that makes the double chin appear a little narrower. But here again the posture: the candidate looks as though his arms are crossed the poster. Nothing of openness or zest for action comes across, more like a # sitting out feeling '. If there was a bar under the arms, I wouldn't be surprised. "

8. The Greens: The Power of Beauty Software

And finally the new team of moderators for Sesame Street. The two candidates address me photographically in an easy and funny way. But give courage? The photo looks a bit like a Fotolia photo agency. Do they really exist? Yes, it has to, because a non-professional photo editor has done a great job here too. You can see it in the only visible ear of Katharina Schulze, who was originally photographed against a white background. The shadow is mounted in a similar way to the green wall.

And yes: beauty software does a lot. You can see it clearly here with both candidates.

Does honest politics actually start with honest pictures?

The author: Herbert Piel has been a professional photographer for over 40 years. He worked as a freelancer for Reuters, AP, the German press agency, "Stern" and "Spiegel" before he became photo editor of the "Rhein-Zeitung". He later founded his agency Piel Media. The award-winning creative has portrayed numerous people from contemporary history and produced international photo reports in Somalia, Iran and Kosovo, among others.