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Mobile landline number: Use a virtual telephone number via VoIP with your mobile phone

If you would like to be reachable via a landline number when you are out and about, a virtual telephone number is the perfect solution for you. There are various ways in which you can be reached with your mobile phone via the local network number.

Forwarding to cell phone number: You can store your cell phone number as a forwarding destination in the fonial telephone system. You can then link this to the virtual landline telephone number so that all calls that come in to your fonial telephone number are routed to your mobile number. You can of course also set this based on time: For example, if you can be reached in office during office hours, you can set your office phone as the destination for this time.

However, if you also want to be reachable on the go, simply forward the number to your mobile number outside of your office hours. Important: A forwarding to a cell phone number is a new call that is set up via the telephone system. As a result, the usual connection charges apply here. Forwarding to a mobile phone number costs 19 cents (22.61 cents including VAT) per minute in the FREE tariff and 10 cents (11.9 cents including VAT) per minute in the PLUS tariff. As is customary in the industry, forwarding is not covered by any flat rates.

Forwarding to a SIP call app: In the app stores of your smartphone you will find a number of SIP call apps with which you can implement VoIP telephony on your mobile phone. Many are free of charge or available in a freemium version - a basic version that enables telephony and a premium paid version that brings additional functionalities with it.

Other apps are chargeable. Which app you choose depends on your personal preferences. As a rule, all of them can be used with the fonial telephone system. You can find an overview of the apps we have tested in our online help under "Mobile Integration". With an app, you then have a fully-fledged IP device that you can link to a phone number, of course also based on time. You can then make and receive calls using your virtual telephone number - at the fixed network tariff or, if you have booked a flat rate in the PLUS tariff, covered by your flat rate.

To be able to use a SIP Call App, you only need an internet connection. Whether you are logged into the WLAN or connected via your mobile data package is irrelevant. A good and stable connection with sufficient bandwidth is important. Up to 100 kBit / s are incurred per call in the upstream and downstream - your internet connection should be able to manage this in order to be able to call without interruption and in good quality.

Of course, it doesn't matter where you are. Whether you are making a call in your office using your stationary office phone, answering the call via your smartphone in your home WLAN network or receiving a call on your landline number during your summer vacation via your data package: it makes no difference to the caller where you are. What's more, the caller won't even notice.

A virtual telephone number is the perfect companion for freelancers, home office employees, business travelers, field workers, digital nomads or for users who are just on the move a lot and want to be reached via a real landline number.

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