How does a blessing feel?

What if nothing is good

God comes close to people in blessings. Blessing touches the person inside. People feel: "I am blessed - and God goes with me on my way." Blessings encourage courage and provide support. A blessing promises a successful life. The power of God is in the blessing. When people bless others and themselves, they assure themselves of a higher power. And want to trust that God is on their side.

When is life blessed? It is easy for many to describe this: when they are healthy, when they are well-off, when they live in a happy marriage or relationship, have well-off children or even sweet grandchildren, when they are popular and have achieved something great. All of them can feel visibly blessed. And when comparing it with others, it seems obvious where God's blessing has been more abundant and where something is more meager.

But what if nothing in life is good or healed? Everyone knows people who, on the face of it, are not blessed. People argue with others. Resignations destroy prospects in life. Many experience for themselves that failures and defeats make everyday life a burden. Illnesses threaten life. And then death. What is true on a personal level can be seen on a large scale the same way: countries fight each other. Terror and civil war lead to injuries and deaths. And hunger in the world is far from over.