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Emerald Green Color - How To Use It Indoors?

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Emerald green is a unique color. It can be used in many different ways in living spaces. Plus, the ocean green color (as emerald green is sometimes called) is so universal that it will fit in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Are you looking for inspiration on how to use emerald green in an interior? We have prepared a few suggestions that you may find useful.

What color is emerald green?

Emerald color is a very intense, mysterious and unique shade of green. He is often called Ocean green or Bottle green although it differs slightly from these hues. It comes from a gemstone and was very popular in the times of impressionism. At that time, several names were invented for this color: Paris green and Viridian green. Still, the original name “emerald color” remained the most popular.

Emerald green has become quite popular lately, so it shows up in a lot of home furnishings. Emerald green color can be the basis of an interior - if that is the case, it will only be used on the walls. But it looks just as good when used in accessories.

What is the meaning of emerald green and what is it associated with?

The color becomes emerald mostly with elegance associated. Although it used to be reserved only for elegant interiors, nowadays it can basically be used in any room.

As for the meaning - emerald green means wealth, strength, harmony and happiness. It all depends on the interpretation.

Interiors with an emerald green color are considered to be very quiet. They stimulate creative mental processes and promote the regeneration of strength. For this reason, emerald green is welcome not only in living spaces, but also in offices.

Emerald green color - which shades go well with it?

The color emerald can be combined with many different shades. She looks best with very neutral hues like Earth colors out. Thanks to such a combination, the interior looks very harmonious.

You can use it with:

If you want to make the interior a little more elegant, choose silver and gold accessories. This way you can easily create a glamor or art deco style interior.

Accents of color - emerald green in decorations

Emerald green is a perfect color if you want to add some character to your interior. If the whole interior uses neutral colors - gray, beige or even natural wood, it is emerald green color a perfect match.

Wonder which one emerald green Accessories you can use? It all depends on which interior you are designing. But the most popular items are:

  • Lamps,
  • Cover,
  • Pillow,
  • Curtains,
  • Carpets.

Any of these elements can appear in your living room or bedroom as an interior decoration.

An emerald green wall - is that a good idea?

Many homeowners are afraid of using colors like emerald green on their walls. The main reason is that there is a very distinctive hue is. Nevertheless, it can look really good - provided the room to be designed is large enough. Since emerald green is relatively dark, it could make the interior look smaller.

You don't have to give up the idea of ​​emerald green color in a small room. You could just paint one of the walls this color or use it in accessories.

When you go for an emerald green wall, you have several options to choose from. The use of standard color is one of them. It is a classic solution chosen by many homeowners. But that doesn't mean you can't go for a much more interesting finish. Just install emerald green padded wall panels. You are sure to impress everyone who visits your home.

Emerald color in the living room - choose a strong interior

Interior designs with emerald color have become very popular in recent years. They also give you plenty of options for Interior metamorphosis. When designing a room, you can choose furniture in intense colors:

  • Armchair,
  • Poufs,
  • Sofas,
  • Corner sofas.

This is not the only option. Other types of furnishings look just as good in strong green. You can choose wall units, cupboards, chests of drawers and shelves that stand out clearly against light-colored walls.

Do you want to use emerald green only as a decoration in the room? This is not a problem. It is quite common to just do that out of concern that the color is too intense accessories be used. This can be, for example, posters or pictures on the wall, vases, fruit bowls or candles. In this case, any idea is good.

Emerald bedroom - create a calming interior

Ask yourself if one emerald green bedroom is a good idea? Surprisingly, such a dark color promotes good recovery - but only when combined with lighter shades. That means the so called Total look not enough in this case - it could be too overwhelming.

Is a Emerald wall a good solution? Yes, but only if it is the only element in that color, or if you combine several shades with different saturation and use a lot of white and beige.

Emerald green accessories are definitely more popular in bedroom design. Sheets, pillows, blankets and duvet covers are the basic items here. The bed itself can also be emerald green - especially if you choose an upholstered model.

Emerald green in the kitchen - an original interior idea

Although the Scandinavian style has dominated kitchen design in recent years, such projects can also use certain strong emerald green elements. This can simply be tiles over the countertop. Also accessories like Towels, cups and bowls are a good basis for the design.

The color emerald in the kitchen looks impressive when combined with gold fittings. Gold kitchen faucets are perfect for this purpose.

📍 What color is the emerald?

The color emerald is a very dark, elegant green. The color was modeled on the gemstone. It is associated with elegance and luxury. It has become very popular in living spaces.

📍 Which colors go well with emerald green?

The emerald green color is pretty universal, and it can be combined with many different shades. It looks best with light shades of color, e.g. B. with beige. But you can also easily combine it with anthracite, brown and black. The proportions are the most important aspect in this case.

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