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Further education specialist WBS Training AG publishes public welfare balance sheet for the first time

26.01.2017 – 11:35


Berlin (ots)

The Berlin training specialist WBS Training published a public good balance sheet for the first time for the 2015 financial year. With the 75-page common good report, the company, with around 1,000 employees and 180 locations, creates transparency on important issues relating to the company's ethical orientation, its ecological behavior, as well as job quality and equality. WBS Training documents its efforts, measures and successes in terms of human dignity, solidarity, ecological sustainability, social justice and democratic participation. The balance sheet was drawn up as part of an external audit. With the publication of its public welfare balance, WBS Training is one of the pioneering companies in the public welfare economy movement.

Heinrich Kronbichler, CEO of WBS Training AG, considers the publication to be an elementary part of corporate culture: "With the presentation of the balance sheet for the common good, we show how important sustainable and ethical business is to us. This orientation reflects our responsibility towards the environment and society. In doing so, we document that the focus of our economic activity is not only on profit, but also on corporate ethics that are geared towards sustainability and participation and that focus on people. "

From procurement to the social design of the services

With the presented public good balance, WBS Training provides for the first time a comprehensive insight into processes, measures and results for the concrete implementation and the current state of the common good economy of the company. The auditors emphasize that WBS Training AG "has a strong focus on its social environment". Particular emphasis is also placed on "the consistently practiced customer service towards course participants". In the opinion of the auditors, the self-critical and open approach to learning fields testifies to "an honest discussion of their contribution to the common good". It shows how, for example, ethically oriented procurement management specifically conserves resources and promotes sustainability. For this, the company was awarded the Eco Award 2015, among other things. For example, the purchase of office furniture, consumables and marketing materials was organized in such a way that it is sustainable, resource-saving and fair.

Video conferences instead of business trips, Deutsche Bahn instead of company cars

A particularly important area of ​​action at WBS Training geared towards the common good is also the quality of the workplaces and the organizational culture of the training company designed by employees. Without the active involvement of the employees, economic action for the common good is not possible, which is why special attention is paid to this. After all, the work factor plays an important role in a service company: Therefore, among other things, the satisfaction of the employees was examined in surveys, the executives were trained accordingly and new and flexible working time and place of work models were introduced. In the area of ​​employee mobility, WBS consistently relies on the use of local public transport and Deutsche Bahn instead of company cars. In order to make the communication of the employees in the headquarters and the 180 locations as environmentally friendly as possible, many conferences and meetings are held via video conference and internet as well as the in-house WBS LernNetz Live.

Ethical selling also plays an important role in the company's economy for the common good. This includes, among other things, a high level of product transparency, fair prices and the active involvement of customers in product development.

Volunteering, donations and support for refugees

At the height of the wave of refugees, WBS Training got involved with numerous campaigns and free offers for people seeking help. Free German and integration courses were offered. The free training courses for German trainers and HR managers in companies also resulted from the desire to provide concrete help. In 2015, WBS Training not only donated 400,000 euros for charitable and social projects, but also promoted the voluntary commitment of the employees in this context by increasing the donation amounts if the employees were also committed to a project.

The public welfare balance can be accessed on the Internet at www.wbstraining.de/gemeinwohlbilanz.

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