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Internship abroad - information about an internship abroad

What are the benefits of an internship abroad?

In the most varied of life situations, it is advisable to complete an internship abroad. For example, it can be a question of orienting oneself after graduation and gaining an impression of working life, or an internship must be done anyway as part of the chosen course, e.g. after the basic course. Another possibility is to gain work experience after completing your apprenticeship and to increase your value on the job market by spending time abroad. An internship abroad can also help you to reorient yourself if you want to change your career.

No matter what situation you are in, an internship abroad enhances your résumé. This shows potential employers that the applicant is flexible, can put himself in unfamiliar situations and is able to assert himself in unfamiliar surroundings. Foreign language skills are more than just useful for a wide variety of jobs these days. There it can, among other things. It is about communicating with business partners, reading specialist texts in other than your mother tongue or exchanging ideas with colleagues abroad in an international company. If necessary, an internship abroad also provides useful experience with other, possibly newer, working methods or equipment.

An internship abroad is also a meaningful experience for your own personality. In addition to foreign language skills, the view of a different culture and way of life is trained. This is interesting - you have advantages when dealing with international business partners and colleagues because you can better understand their behavior and actions. You also learn to look at your own way of life, work and thinking from a different perspective.

Internship abroad - the organization has to be right

An internship abroad must be well organized in advance: Depending on the travel destination, you may have to apply for a special visa, for which certain requirements apply. If necessary, regulations for a work permit under various conditions must be observed. Accommodation must be found in advance, as must - last but not least - the internship itself. It is important to find a good travel connection, travel insurance and transfer options from the arrival airport to the internship location.

In order to simplify the organization and to have the security that you will have a contact person for problems or questions during your stay abroad, there is the possibility to book the service of an organizer.
Companies like the Münster-based tour operator TravelWorks (internships in the USA, internships abroad) not only give practical advice on visa applications and other organizational formalities. They also offer personal contact persons before the trip and on site, so that you are not left alone in difficult situations abroad.

In any case - whether on your own or with a tour operator as security - an internship abroad is a valuable addition to your CV.