Why am I nervous about getting married?

Fear of nervousness and howling attacks at the altar! HELP!!!

Hello my love,

here I am now registering as a bride, 4 days before the big event. And I need your help !!!

I'm so nervous and jittery right now that it's really not normal anymore. I can no longer sleep at night and wake up in the morning totally exhausted. Well, side effects such as pimples and thick eye rims should not be missing.

In addition, contrary to my habits, I have only been able to cry for a few days. With joy, but still. I'm not just running a few tears - I'm about to shake ...

When I listen to the songs we have at the wedding on the Internet, the entrance music on the organ for example, then it's all over. I cry like a little child. My husband just shakes his head in confusion, blaming the stress.

My question: I'm afraid that I will react at the altar in the same way as I do now at home on the PC. So with howling, sobbing, trembling. I actually want to avoid that.

Do you have any advice on how I can experience my wedding at least a little more calmly? And don't burst into tears when my papa marches in?

Many greetings,

the miss