Will Nancy Pelosi ever retire?

Donald Trump is threatened with impeachment

For US President Donald Trump, the air is getting thinner after the storm on the Capitol: Twitter blocked his accounts, important party friends are turning away from him, even Vice Mike Pence does not rule out declaring him incapacitated.

The 25th Amendment to the Constitution offers one way of getting Trump out of office before the end of his regular term in office on January 20. To do this, Vice President Pence and the cabinet would have to determine the incapacity for office. Nancy Pelosi gave Pence 24 hours to do it. According to "CNN" Pence has not yet committed. Apparently he wants to save the measure should Trump become even more "unstable".

Democrats prepare impeachment

Democrats and some Republicans have already announced the second lever to get rid of Trump: a so-called impeachment procedure. On Saturday, House Democratic spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said Donald Trump must be held accountable. However, she did not commit to a vote on impeachment. Still, she called on her party's MPs to be prepared to "return to Washington this week."

Leading the way in drafting the impeachment initiative is Democratic MP David Cicilline (D / Rhode Island). According to its own information, the group now has over 190 supporters. In the House of Representatives, the simple majority is 218 votes. The Democrats want to initiate the impeachment process on Monday.

High hurdle in the Senate

A vote on charges against Trump could take place by Wednesday - exactly one week before the new President Joe Biden is sworn in. If passed by the House, the charges could be referred to the Senate for trial. There, however, the hurdle for impeachment is higher: a two-thirds majority is required. A trial in the Senate could begin on January 20, the day Joe Biden was sworn in, at the earliest.

For Donald Trump, however, the impeachment could have far-reaching consequences. According to legal experts, impeachment is possible even after his abdication, as legal experts from the New York Times explained. That would then apply to Trump:

No candidacy in 2024

Trump announced that he could run for president again in 2024. “We're trying to do another four years. Otherwise I'll see you in four years, ”he is supposed to have said at a Christmas party. If he is impeached, the Senate could vote to exclude him from ever holding the office of president again. This would require a simple majority in the Senate. As the New York Times writes, this is also an attractive option for many Republicans to secure their own candidacies.

No pension

The "Former President Act" stipulates that every former US president receives a lifelong pension. This is currently at $ 219,000 per year. It does not apply to presidents who have been removed from office. In no case would the costs for Trump's security measures be affected. The amount of these costs is unknown, but estimates put it at around $ 1.1 million per year.

No funds for employees

The law also stipulates that an ex-president can use office space and employees for the so-called transition phase. He also has $ 150,000 per year for employee costs for the first 30 months, and then $ 96,000 thereafter. An ex-president also receives excellent medical care: He can be treated at any time in military hospitals at a special rate. All these advantages would become obsolete with impeachment. The alleged billionaire Trump is unlikely to care - the hardest hit would be the exclusion from running again in 2024.

(L'essentiel / Pascal Michel)

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