How about day trading crypto currency

Cryptocurrencies: Day trading and investing: Trade, invest and profit successfully with Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. for beginners

The topic of cryptocurrency has caused a sensation in the financial world like no other topic since the financial crisis of 2008. Some see it as a threat, others as pure speculation and still others as a trailblazer for the decentralized revolutionization of money.

However, cryptocurrencies are also a popular investment model - be it for short-term day trading or as a long-term investment. The best-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has achieved a return of over 30,000 percent in less than 10 years. Some cryptocurrencies fluctuate by several hundred percent within a day. Others are also suitable for lower-risk investments due to their lower fluctuations. A previously largely unregulated market with previously unimagined potential.

This book covers the most important basics of cryptocurrencies and how you can trade them successfully and achieve returns within a very short time that are rarely possible in the "normal" financial market. In addition, various tried and tested strategies for day trading and investing will be presented to you, with which you can trade in the short, long term, actively or passively. Ideally, you should also combine several of the strategies presented in order to minimize the risk with the highest possible return.

You will be accompanied practically in a beginner-friendly way from the basics to price analysis to your first trade or your first investment. No previous knowledge is required.

The contents of the book are:

  • Introduction to the topic of cryptocurrencies
  • Basic principles of successful trading and investing with cryptocurrencies
  • Analysis of cryptocurrencies
  • the right start-up capital
  • successful trading strategies for different trading periods