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Worksheet. Visible property (Excel) Worksheet.Visible property (Excel)

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Gives one XlSheetVisibility -Value that determines whether or not the object is visible. Returns or sets XlSheetVisibility value that determines whether the object is visible.

Syntax syntax

Expression. Visibleexpression.Visible

Expression A variable that is a Worksheet Object.expression A variable that represents a Worksheet object.


This example hides Sheet1.

This example makes Sheet1 visible.

This example makes every sheet in the active workbook visible.

This example creates a new worksheet and its Visible Property on xlSheetVeryHiddenThis example creates a new worksheet and then sets its Visible property to xlSheetVeryHiddenTo refer to the sheet, use its object variable,, as shown in the last line of the example To use another procedure, you must declare it as a public variable () on the first line of code of the module that is a Sub -or Function To use the object variable in another procedure, you must declare it as a public variable () in the first line of the module preceding any Sub or Function procedure.

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