At what age can a girl wear lingerie

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  • Pointy panties and hotpants are probably not bad, but when it comes to strings and push ups, that's just awesome and degrading.

    Why bh's at all if there isn't even a hint of breasts?

    Girls should have the right to be children and to dress fashionably.

  • Such underpants are not practical, what do parents think of them? But the parents still look like children themselves. Such underpants do not give warmth, and afterwards the children will be sniffed again. Fortunately, my grandchildren are growing up even more down-to-earth and don't wear such extravagant clothes. Children want to play and sometimes there is a patch of grass on their camisole.

  • @Ian Sobiesky
    Very few people are aware that Zeitgeist is a creation of thought leaders and at the same time the most effective method to bring about the downfall of a people. One slowly and steadily corrupts good morals, seduces people into greed for money, gambling addiction, viciousness and unscrupulousness by all available means and leaves them to the fire of their passions and desires.
    In order to be able to live out addiction to sex or esteem or other passion, people have to make an effort, to keep themselves attractive, to buy and to consume so that they can compete with a beautiful car, house, clothes etc. . Good business for the greedy, - the market is flourishing. And we still believe them that it would not work without such an economic system.
    Today, in addition to print media, cinema and TV, virtual media, e.g. criminal games for computers and game consoles, can be used to not only influence the boys, but also to condition them for crime. Practice creates masters.
    Habits dominate human behavior and that is very difficult to change later. So pay attention to what you and your children get used to. Everything has an influence on everything, everyone has an influence on everyone. A good example is important, but needs the steadfastness of a hippopotamus in the midst of raging currents.

    So let's think about what the alternatives look like. A frugal, natural life in harmony with the partly still intact nature that surrounds us. For each other and togetherness, you don't need top salaries and you don't have to enslave yourself five days a week for work whose meaning you don't see.

  • The sexualization of society as a whole and the separation of sex and procreation are two of the supporting pillars for the establishment of the New World Order. The concepts did not just originate from the post-war period and have been enforced since they were first formulated.
    I already predict a promotion of sodomy and other sexual practices that are taboo today in the near future.
    There is nothing better to control and contain the herd of black sheep than by the famous former bread and game, which today has been reduced to the three well-known "F".
    Rape is now subject to significantly lower penalties than evasion.
    The media orchestrate this path into the sexualized society with applauding articles and broadcasts from morning to night.
    So the NWO takes hold of our freedom and that of our children bit by bit.

    I am curious whether these backgrounds will be published here at all.
    The attack on your own cozy cloud cuckoo home is not even wanted within our system of freedom of expression and is therefore suppressed by most blog operators out of their own interest.

  • I immediately feel like setting up my own children's clothing collection, or rather. to open a business with solid, simple but well-fitting children's clothing .. Who would like to join? Tailoring experience desirable.
    e-mail: [email protected]

  • it is astonishing that although groups keep forming against the bullshit that is being sold, it does not lead to any success at all. at some point you give up. one would have to start with the designers and the resellers. (Can't be that a whole society is formed towards Hollywood)

    the joke is, then you go shopping for hours (although we should be able to save time with progress, and not the other way around) and come home with nothing clever. a lot off the shelf. what is sold in store a can also be found in stores b, c and d. unless you have super money and can have something smart sewn yourself.

  • @Katharina: Dress size 116 I guess.

    Bad trend. And the worst: if you can't sew yourself, you can only point to extremely expensive special shops that somehow produce handicrafts for the niche in the market because the chains and labels offer NOTHING else. "Normal" children's clothing now seems to have become a niche in the market ...: - ((

  • I am also struggling with the expansion of the fashion industry into the children's world. Capitalism is really sick there! The title really hits it very well.

  • Parents still make purchasing decisions, right? There must be some who buy the crap, otherwise it will have disappeared from the shelves by now.
    Since my daughter exceeded 116, I've been buying the tops 2 sizes too big. The super-short skirts can be "defused" with leggings in summer, while trousers can be replaced by the comfortable boys' models. I'm worried about what to do if she goes over 140 ...

  • Bad enough that such crap has to be thought and written about here. This stuff is not only impractical, does not bring the child anything and costs way too much (usually also inferior quality). So: leave the junk behind and buy something sensible!

  • And how beautiful should parents raise their children so that they don't find clothes like this great?
    I am extremely receptive and grateful for tips and tricks!

  • With so much quick-witted dismay ("put on the index") you should perhaps just walk around and raise your children in such a way that they don't find it great. And they did that for a while, even if it was years ago.

  • @Nicole Althaus says: “I'm not claiming that the children's thong is the most common underpants for girls, but I've been annoyed for a good two years - exactly since my older one outgrown the 128 - about the fact that girls are easy presents what is sold to adults: women's fashion in miniature. "
    Well, the good sales of these 'children's thongs' are mainly due to short adult women. I don't think that size 140 thongs are mainly worn by 8 year old girls. If the size were called XXXS and were sold in the women's department, then that would probably be the better solution than to carry underwear for small women as children's sizes.

  • @Laura: I wonder if you've been shopping for children's clothing in the past few months.
    There are hardly any “normal” dresses in sizes 134 to 170 anymore. There are hardly any longer T-shirts, all of them are very short and figure-hugging. If you are looking for a longer, subtle skirt you have to switch to wool-silk-Birkenstock shops. What a shame….

  • I think it's bad when so-called wholesalers (who by the way don't distribute, they sell) also participate in this Trent. Recently wanted to buy a girl's bra at Migros (children's clothing department) in size 164. That's what the girls need before they switch to the A70 or something.
    At Migros there were only padded bras, from size 140! Just imagine: padded bras for girls from 10 years!
    Also at Coop: Bra in size 164 with underwire!

    Manor is a laudable exception, they sell bras with different levels (Step 1 is great, Step 2 is more like a bra)

  • Sure, you don't have to buy things, but I find it very worrying that our society is developing in this direction and that we adults are increasingly stealing their childhood from children. You have to defend yourself against it! Fortunately, my nieces can still wear skirts made of brightly colored cotton fabrics by their grandmother. You can choose the color or the fabric and then it will be sewn. But that's right, there is nothing left in the shop!
    Children are also just too young and inexperienced to judge what they can do when they run around half-dressed. That scares me, sexual abuse is already widespread enough, we don't have to help out by letting kids run around half-naked.

  • The selection is so large that you should be able to find something that fits. Some want to come across as sexy early on, others never want that. I wonder why you get upset about it. Nobody is forced to buy mini-skirts and hot pants, just as they are not forced to keep their necks closed or to just run around with a “flower or horse” motif. I miss the tolerance on this blog.

  • I can't have a say in children's clothes, but I've also seen baby clothes at h + m that, in the appropriate size, could easily be worn by a young woman. I then asked myself whether it was really necessary ... I bought cute baby clothes, which were also available.

  • @Marcel
    I'm not claiming that the children's thong is the most common underpants for girls, but I've been annoyed for a good two years - exactly since my older one out of 128 - about the fact that you simply give the girls what you want Adults sold: women's fashion in miniature. On the H&M website, the Young Collection, which in my opinion has slipped too far into childhood, is justified as follows: Girls aged 8 and over are fashionably oriented towards teenagers. Girls at the age of 8 have just learned to read fluently, they should be able to climb a tree without their T-shirt constantly slipping or their skinny jeans pinching. A short while ago every shirt at H&M had a skull on it - yes, that's rock'n'roll and I don't mind at all - but my daughter is still into flowers and rössli. The clothes in her size are one step ahead of her and force her into puberty by textile means, from which she is clearly still mentally and physically far away.

  • I admit, I love shopping. I like to visit “trend shops” and I know pretty much which brands are popular and how expensive the pieces are.
    For a few years now, I've noticed how incredibly expensive teens dress today (I mainly speak of the boys, because I know my way around, I suppose it's no different with the girls). I earn my own money, but I couldn't (or don't want to) afford some of the common outfits. Where did they get the money from? How much do parents spend on their children's fashion needs? Here in the blog it’s probably again nobody ... or do you all buy the branded items for your kids "very original but veeeeery cheap !!!" on ebay? :-)

  • Apart from the girls' thongs (which would fly out of the window if my eleven-year-old daughter wore them), I find the new boys' and girls' fashion something enriching and interesting. I want to ignore the sexual aspect for now, but this fashion is ultimately also a stylistically positive product of globalization for a change (which can be traced in exemplary fashion, especially in the textile industry): China, the Philippines and other textile nations do it possible! Mostly still woven on Sulzer looms ...

    I dare to doubt whether the girls' thong really has an exemplary character for the sexualization of our children: I also go shopping for children's clothes with my wife and daughter - I've never noticed a thong for girls - but like Ms. Althaus too admits, you have to search for this absurdity first (on the Internet) - at Migros they don't just drop into the shopping cart from every second rack - but, as I said, at most on the Internet. If I want, I can find a thousand and one things on the World Wide Web every day that can be interpreted in many different directions. That was not meant to be a criticism.

  • NB: there are already 3 comments on the jako-o page with the child's string: the protest is rolling! i find it exciting and important that this topic is discussed, thank you!

  • What children can / should wear is a question of upbringing. Say no as a parent, no matter how tough it may be for the (almost) teenager.

  • During the discussion, I have the impression that teens and children are being mixed a little too generously here. Of course, in a broader sense, a 15 or 16-year-old is still a child and a 10-year-old is already a “teen”. In between, however, there are de facto worlds - namely around 50% of the life experience of 10-year-olds. From the point of view of a 10-year-old, 5 years is a huge difference, which from a distance between the ages of 30-40 seems hardly worth mentioning to us.

    If my daughters want to dance around in thongs and hot pants when they are 16, I will be disappointed, but accept it as their decision. However, if you want to do that with 10 or 12 there is a categorical "no". Everyone has to set the limit for their own children. But it is precisely the phenomenon of relativity described at the beginning that, in my opinion, leads many parents to take it too deeply and underestimate what they can do with it. Unfortunately, there is also a lack of generally accepted moral guidelines today - from what age, for example, what is allowed. So many in disorientation choose the path of least resistance. The more they do this and allow their kids everything, the harder it will of course be for the others ...

  • @Leonie Black. Even at Migros, girls over 140 are smuggled into the teenage corner. And my daughter likes the things that are the size of her little sister. But not the buttoned, double-layered tops, or the shirts that are designed so that they slip off the shoulder (Mommy that annoys me, because I can't move properly). And at Migros you can also find padded tops in the children's department. At the C&A, not too long ago, I saw hotbriefs in size 128. Flowered short panties that only cover the buttocks three-quarters ...
    The childish shirts and dresses that my elders still like (maybe they just stayed behind?) Can be found at Cakewalk or in children's boutiques, which still have decent children's clothes, but are unfortunately indecently expensive. (It is the same with shoes, by the way. Sandals with footbeds and without heels are almost exclusively found in expensive shops above a certain size.)

  • @hansjakob Thank you for your honest words. I see it that way too. All of the beautiful, self-confident ecologically correctly dressed teenagers are wonderful (where are they all!). Let's let the kids find their style and if it leads through Bravo, Instyle, etc., so what. For me personally, he led from the beloved dirndel (a souvenir from the Black Forest) to Indian freak clothes with mirrors and bells, which my mother didn't love either. She bought it for me anyway because it was important to me. If I complain about the aberrations of taste in photos today, she declines all responsibility.

  • Hey, we're talking about CHILDREN here. If I can no longer tell my 8 year old daughter that one or the other mini particle is out of the question, then I've done something wrong. However, that she this hooker - (or what she calls it,
    Tussi-) oufit not like has to do with the fact that I don't like it and that I also explained it to her. We are not yet at the stage of fighting discussions about dress style as a result of puberty. That'll be a different number and no, I'm not really looking forward to the piercing and sexy outfit discussions ..

  • @Ronny

    "Today there is practically nowhere" inside "what is" outside "
    I only remember the old saying again: we buy things that we don't need, with money that we don't have, in order to impress people we don't like ... "

    I fully agree and also smile 😉

  • To blame the "fashion dictation" is hypocritical. The sole fault are the shopping mothers who dress like teenagers in their twenties and thirties and want to stay “young” (of course, “shaved” everywhere) into old age. The real teens will still be able to show a little more tummy than the aging twenties with their wrinkles and sagging breasts, a race that can only be lost. Instead, the toddlers are sent into the race - as soon as they have turned 14, they go to the disse together with their mum (their "best friend"), where the latter can be told that they are mistaken for their own daughter. Such mothers are the female counterpart to the pedophile men.

  • it's really awful.And I didn't even know that the whole thing was so large that you hardly ever get size 140 children's clothes any more.
    I'm only 20 myself, but I regularly raise my eyebrows when I see small children (they are really still children) in hot pants or mini skirts. I think it's horrible that you let your children out of the house in such a guise at all. I am of the opinion that you can dress your children especially girls, even without miniskirts and hot pants.
    I very much hope that by the time my children are 10/11 years old, fashion will have normalized a bit.

  • as long as on tv all the time just rubbish like germany's next top model, big brother & co. running i see little chance of improvement. i read the mamablog almost every day and find it very exciting. at the same time, from the posts about kate perry's outfit in tagi, i can only shake my head. maybe these two authors should have a chat.
    i have no problem with women celebrating being a woman, but there's so much more to life than just being seen ... the same goes for our metrosexual men!

    today there is practically nowhere "inside" what is "on the outside"

    The only thing that comes to mind is the old saying: we buy things that we don't need, with money that we don't have, in order to impress people we don't like ...

  • This one:

    "I am still shocked when I see 10-year-olds in hot pants, cropped and in high heels with all of mother's cosmetics strutting on their faces," says Mira, commenting on the currently most widely read blog entry, "When Childhood Shrinks".

    not me, but Jasmina wrote.

  • @ Stefan

    But you ignore the fact that the Steiner community has its own fashion dictates. Talk to the parents quoted on the subject of synthetic fabrics.

  • @ Yves

    That is probably about the same as with the egg and the chicken. In the case of new “needs” or replacement satisfaction, it can be assumed that the demand was artificially generated or promoted. And also: If there is no offer, or if one is suppressed by professionals instead of amateurs, then neither a “natural” demand can be satisfied, nor can an artificially generated demand be exploited for profit.

  • “With us you can already be on the line from 16, so everything is right, isn't it? Or maybe not ?? "

    @ Marc

    Anyone who is judged to be old enough for empty and wage slavery is also old enough to earn a living with 10 minutes of light lip work instead of 10 hours of mental or muscular labor!

    Strangely, it is exactly the same politicians who want to reintroduce the work house for young whores who have introduced impunity for the sexual exploitation of contracting girls and who obviously still want to adhere to it ...

  • A few thoughts from a father with a son (20) and a daughter (17) who had spent whole afternoons looking for a bra with a transparent tab with his daughter. Incidentally, the father had more stamina in the search 😉

    - How should a girl find her own style if she can't try what she (or maybe others) like?
    - Could it be that the daughters watch their mother's first lingerie presentations 😉
    - In my opinion, “emancipated” daughters also want to be “in” and desirable
    - Why do the X-Misses, Top Model, Music Star and what they are all called have such high ratings?
    - In my opinion, more mature daughters have no problems with their underwear, much more likely we parents, but that is quite normal and repeats itself every generation.
    - Were today's mothers different in the past?
    - What is normal? Isn't it perhaps a cover how parents want to "subjugate" your ideas to the children

    Just take your sons and daughters as they are and love them with all your heart. So it is and remains possible to talk to one another and learn to understand one another. Sometimes it's harder and sometimes it's easier.

  • I have now also found the children's string on the German online shop. However, this article is not offered on the Swiss version at Apparently the product range is not 100% identical.

    I made a comment on my part regarding the ethical quality of the article in the product evaluation, although Jacko-o only wants evaluations regarding the material quality of the products. I'm curious how long the comment will stay. Perhaps others still have the need to submit a “rating” for the product on site.

  • @ Mamuschka
    But you haven't been in the relevant textile department for a long time ... I don't want to advertise Migros here, but the corresponding department stores have normal laundry for everyday use (and that's how I would describe the needs of a 12-year-old!), Not Victoria s Secret, of course, but also something better than grandmother's old knickers ... And partly also produced in an environmentally friendly way, by the way. If you and your daughter have to give in to the peer pressure of Bravo readership, then you have to look elsewhere. But then don't complain about the offer, because that's exactly what is marketed as “in” in the Bravo: sexy lingerie for primary school students ... I just wanted to say that it's not true, that you can't find anything else, if this bothers you. This is just a note from an adult woman who likes to dress like Dita von Teese from time to time and who, by the way, would no longer regard the "Bravo" as a style bible, neither for herself nor for her daughters ...

  • Do it yourself is the key 🙂
    Or ask the parents of Rudolf Steiner students where they buy their daughters' clothes. They are dressed “normally” through “well-behaved” to “old-fashioned”, at least when they go to school ...

  • Just don't get upset. It all fits together wonderfully. So-called world stars who abuse their children to promote any children's fashion. Children's fashion that has to be “ultra-sexy” even for toddlers. The main thing is that the cash register is right.
    With us you can already be on the line from 16, so everything is right? Or maybe not?

  • An addendum to Jacko-o: Before I vent my indignation via a letter to Jacko-o, I wanted to make sure myself and was briefly on the homepage of the online shop. I looked in vain for children's strings or other "hooker underwear". On the contrary, I haven't even come across such an item in swimwear. Therefore, I cannot fully understand the corresponding statement in the leading article.

  • The statements regarding supply and demand are certainly justified. However, with clever marketing strategies, demand is often generated successfully (prime example: cell phones). In that sense, one can certainly reproach the industry. The protest letter to Jako-o has already been drawn up.

    In my opinion, the parents also have to take their own nose. I cannot understand the argumentation of mothers who think they have to buy their 8, 10 or 12 year old daughters “hooker outfits” just because the little one really wants it or because there is some kind of peer pressure. Isn't it rather the case that one or the other mother likes to dress up the daughter like a doll? More than 90% of the examples from the USA with the children's beauty contests in particular are only possible because of mothers who project their own (missed) dreams onto their toddlers.

  • I am right in the middle of the topic. Fortunately, our 10-year-old daughter is not extremely fashion-mad, but the discussions with colleagues of the same age are already running in this direction. Any bikini for the pool? Nothing, she knows exactly how the part should look. Underwear with comic characters (just a year ago the absolute hammer)? Certainly not, it's so childish! And so on and so on ... well, somehow we are probably bad role models and advertising does its part. We try to find a middle ground, to explain to her how we feel about it, but also to treat her to something every now and then. But what definitely does not come into the house are parts that are too sexy. I'm curious whether we will have that under control in 2, 3 ...

  • In the USA there are even beauty competitions for preschool girls, in whore outfits, with hair up to the A ... .. and a HWG war paint. Switzerland gives the pregnancy of nine-year-olds starv free for privileged castes; a heavily pregnant belly without foam over the still missing breasts would look even more comical or tragic.

    Only gentlemen need ties. A school shirt would do it as correctly noted. In addition, a jupe that must at least touch the kneecap and hair that must be so short that it does not touch the T-shirt.

    @ Diana

    The peer pressure that has long been escalating in the densely populated countryside is now systematically extended to the cities (which used to make urban air free). As with the Aerar regulation, the leisure time (for the time being for boys and men, but later certainly also for women) should not only belong to the commanding officer, but also to the teacher, empty master, employer and, in addition to a child “protection”, recently also an adult “protection” authority controlled and also those who are not offenders are brutally disciplined. In the case of a “protection” authority for adults (instead of a functioning criminal justice system), the “protection” custody not only for contract children and young whores who refuse to be slavery, but also for all geladel and clergy who are unpopular! The compulsory spinning winch - e.g. for Nimfoman women who are neither strangers nor self-endangering - works almost perfectly ...

  • It's amazing how many super parents pat themselves on the shoulders here. Strings for 10 year old girls? NO problem, our daughter is immune to it. Well done, congratulations, but being complacent about belittling the trend doesn't help our society either. In any case, I find the sexualization (with an adult sexuality) of our children very worrying, even if my family is not affected by it.

  • "Otherwise there is the question of sexy lingerie like chicken or egg: what is offered is what is in demand."

    And vice versa (if the comparison is made between chicken and egg): what is on offer, not only in the shops, but also on the street and in different places! communities. people live and orientate themselves in groups, which makes perfect sense. It becomes critical when people take on an image without question and are not aware that most desires have downsides and thus dangers.

  • @Robert: Well, unfortunately it is not always very clear in fashion what exactly came first: demand or supply? It's not called “fashion dictation” for nothing ;-).

  • @Leoni Schwarz: Quite right.

    But even in stores like H&M, Zara and others you can find normal clothes. The question would be rather, which parents let their daughters run around like that? My children are always fashionably dressed, but never cheap (not in terms of price ;-)).

    Maybe a uniform would help at school?

  • now the mothers and fathers are triumphant again, who have self-confident and virtuous (but of course still very pretty ...) daughters at home. and all those who have more sensitive children are, of course, their own fault, because they missed shaping their children in such a way that they are resistant to the increasing external trends and desires ... let's see where I will settle as a father one day have.

  • As a fashionable dull cheek, I know that, for example, sizes up to 176 (!!) are offered in the children's department in C&A and Migros - and that always looks pretty good.
    In addition, my wife even manages to get baggy pants from somewhere 🙂

    Otherwise, the question arises of sexy lingerie such as chicken or egg: what is offered is what is in demand.

  • @ jeanne

    I absolutely agree with you. My 15 year old daughter dresses in chic but not “sexy” clothes, and she has never had a problem finding clothes that suit her type, be it in large fashion houses or in boutiques.
    She finds the "chicks" who degrade themselves with their "sexy" outfit completely wrong.
    My daughter has model mass, is very pretty and has a strong personality that neither branded goods nor the group dictate anything and I think that the rabbit is in the pepper. In all the discussions I read about peer pressure, why? Are we no longer able to convey to our children that they are unique, that they do not have to run after some "fart" and that they can just smile at others who do it anyway. But as long as we mothers submit to the dictates of the “youth and slimness madness”, we probably have neither the time nor the inclination to really deal with the children.

  • At least this year harem pants (aesthetically not beyond reproach) are in again. That relaxed my 10-year-old daughter's wardrobe question for this summer. Otherwise I know the situation only too well. The only stupid thing is that the pre-pubescent girls don't even fit the sexy clothes that were designed for them. Because they are not only too young for this (from the mother's point of view), but the necklines are too deep, in smaller sizes the T-shirts are too tight and otherwise much too long, dresses don't go at all, then normal-grown girls are in that Age too short. After an afternoon through the cloakrooms, the daughter was frustrated, the mother was nervous and the consumer mood was reduced. The fact that the women's department at Migros is not an alternative may be due to my upbringing or the fact that the items are not even on the Bravo flop list.

  • You can dress the little girls like that, but you don't have to. Especially when the eight-year-old daughter thinks it's all very "funny". You can dress up the little boys as soldiers, with camouflage pants and the like, but you don't have to. What the market offers in terms of children's clothes and toys is sometimes just plain abnormal. But are we just manipulable puppets who simply HAVE to go along with all the nonsense? No you, I'm not going to take part!

  • Really madness! The dictates of the fashion houses, driven by business acumen. The open question is whether the daughters accept a more conventional outfit or whether the peer pressure is not greater.

  • In the Migros textile department there are enough normal, but definitely pretty, briefs, bras and undershirts / nightgowns for adult women, which will also fit precocious girls and neither disfigure their bodies nor overly sexualise them. After all, even adult women do not wear sexy underwear all the time and have to find “normal” underwear somewhere. Or maybe it's just the type of stores they're looking for. You don't necessarily have to go to H&M, Sash, BlueDog, NewYorker, Zara and Co. looking for underwear for 12 year old girls right?

  • We urgently need a solid foundation for popular education as early as possible, that has nothing to do with discipline and order, this is our society that gets out of hand everywhere. gg. bullying would be uniform (not with tie and blasher as in England) uniform T-shirts would be enough, there are a thousand schools where it works. Not for otherwise is our education anchored in the constitution as compulsory for everyone. If you try to change something, the teachers' union is immediately against it, so happens in Aargau with cactus of SVP vs. the clover leaf. Now the whining is huge. the child thrown out in the bath - it takes years again and is becoming more expensive every day. Where for the benefit of the children did the opponents of the reform say .. does politics use our kids for their goals, it often seems to me that because parents are not organized enough, they can hardly defend themselves, except with a lot of money in private schools. A lot will change there too, the crisis will show up there too, less money for two large investments in school education for kids!