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Days of the dead - mrr computer

Don Winslow


Detective novel

From the American Chris Shepherd

The original edition was published in 2005 under the title

The Power of the Dog

Save my soul from the sword, my life from

the dogs!

22.Psalm 20


El Sauzal, Baja Province, California



She is holding her dead baby in her arms.

Out the position the Corpses kind of closes that basement

the mother wanted to protect her child. It has to be an instinct

Keller thinks, she must have known that

do not shoot a Kalashnikov bullet with your body

can stop. Not from this distance. Nevertheless

she turned away when she was shot and fell

on her little son.

Did she really think she could save her child?

Perhaps she wanted him to look into the muzzle flash

save, thinks Keller. Maybe her maternal should

Chest will remain his last impression of this world.

Safe in love.

Keller is a Catholic. At forty-seven

Years he has seen a lot of Madonnas. But no

like these.

"Cuernos de chivo," he heard a policeman say.

Very quietly, almost in a whisper, as in the Church.

Cuernos de chivo - goat horns. That's what they call them


Keller already has it on the cartridge cases

Caliber 7.62 noted. Hunthete of them lie on the

Scattered concrete in the courtyard, including a couple of 12s

Shotgun shells and 5.56s from the AR15 what it looks like.

But most of the pods are from the goat horn, the

preferred weapon the Mexican drug mafia.

Nineteen dead.

Nineteen other victims in the drug war, thinks

Basement, cellar. In the fourteen years of his feud with Adán

Barrera, he has seen a lot, he has looked at the

Sight of Kill used. But not nineteen

once. Women, kinthe, Baby. Not that one.

Ten men, three women, six kinthe.

At the Courtyard wall lined up and shot.

Tattered is truethethinks Keller. In pieces

torn in an unrestrained shooting orgy. And now in

lying in a pool of blood, in a thick layer of

black, dried blood. Blood sticks to the

Walls, blood soaked the manicured lawn, its

Straws glitter black and red. Like tiny bloody ones

Swords, thinks Keller.

Apparently they struggled when they realized what

was ahead of them. In the middle of the Night out of bed

torn, dragged into the courtyard the Lined up wall - it

there was a fight, furniture was overturned,

chunky, wrought iron garden furniture. Lying everywhere

Broken glass scattered around.

Keller continues to look around - a doll in the middle

the Pool of blood. Brown glass eyes stare at him. Equal

next to it a small stuffed animal and a cute pinto

Plastic horse.

Kinthe, torn from sleep, cling to

their cuddly toys. Even when guns pop.

Specialthes then.

He has to go to the stuffed elephant of his childhood

think. The stuffed elephant, without which he couldn't go to bed

went. It only had one eye, was stained by

Vomit and ontheen Absontheungen and smelled too

so. Until his mother sneaked him through one night

new replaced, with two eyes and a clean smell.

In the morning he thanked for the new elephant and

took out the old one the Dustbin back.

Arthur Keller feels something break inside him.

The adult victims wear expensive silk pajamas

and negligees, some also t-shirts. Two, one man and

a woman, are naked - torn from the act of love, thinks

Keller, and sacrificed in an obscene orgy of blood.

One lies there alone the Opposite wall. A

old man, head of the family. Probably as a

The last one murdered, thinks Keller. Forced, the

Attending his family's extinction, and then

also shot. By grace? From a

perverted feeling the Compassion? Then he sees

the old man's mutilated hands. First were

ripped off his fingernails, then his fingers

chopped off. His face is frozen in the scream, his fingers

stuck in his mouth.

That means that the Mörthe one in his family

dedo suspected a finger, an informer.

And I made her think so.

God forgive me

He walks in line theKill off until he finds

he was looking for.

When he stands in front of him, his stomach turns upside down,

he has to pull himself together so as not to vomit.

The young man's face is peeled off

like a banana peel. The skin flaps hang on

down his neck. Keller can only hope that she will

Killed before, but he knows better.

The lower half of the back of his head is

blasted away. You shot him in the mouth.

Traitors get the bullet in the back of their heads, informers

Traitors get the bullet in the back of their heads, informers

get them in your mouth.

They thought he was the informer.

As it was planned, Keller says to himself.

But he would never have dreamed of this. Never

would he have believed they would do something like that.

"There must have been domestic staff here,"

he says. "Employees."

The police have already searched the accommodations.

"All gone," says one.

Disappeared. Have vanished into thin air.

He forces himself to put the corpses in again

Take a look.

It's my fault, thinks Keller.

These people have me to thank for that.

I'm sorry, he thinks, I'm so sorry. He

bends over the dead mother with the child and makes

the sign of the cross. »In nomine Patris et Filii et

Spiritus Sancti. "

“El pothe del perro, ”he hears a Mexican

Policemen whisper.

That is the work of the bloodhound.


Original sins

1 The men of Sinaloa

Do you see the terribly desolate heather there,

The apartment the Despair without light

Except for the glimmer of those pale flames

That flicker pale and terribly?

John Milton, Paradise Lost

Badiraguato District Sinaloa Province Mexico


The poppy is burning.

Red flowers, red flames.

Only in the Hell, thinks Keller, there are flaming ones


He looks into the burning valley like a steaming one

Soup bowl - what's there between the

Shrouds of smoke playing is a scene from hell.

Hieronymus Bosch paints the drug war.

Campesinos - Mexican farmers - flee from the

Sea of ​​flames laden with the belongings they hold

before the soldiers came and saved their village

lit up. Your kinthe pushing in front of him,

they haul sacks of food supplies, blankets and

Kleithen and their most precious family keepsakes. With

They look like their white shirts and straw hats

like ghosts when they come through the billowing smoke


Just somethingthee people, thinks Keller, and that

could be Vietnam.

But what's going on here isn't Operation Phoenix

sonthen Operation Condor, he's not sitting here as a CIA

Man in the bamboo thicket the Border with north vietnam,

sonthen as a drug plaguethe in a mountain valley the

Sinaloa Province.

And what was harvested here wasn't rice,

sonthen opium.

Keller hears the dull wopp-wopp-wopp from

Helicopter rotors and looks on. A sound that

Brings memories to Vietnam veterans.

Memories of what? He wonders. Some

Memories should better be buried.

Helicopters and planes circling like vultures

the valley. The planes spray the plant poison that

Helicopters offer them fire protection, because some

gomeros - that's the name of the opium farmers - defend theirs

Possession. With a well-aimed burst of fire the

You can get a helicopter without a Kalashnikov

get more from the sky. Keller knows that all too well.

Becomes the Hit the tail rotor, the thing spins to the ground

like a toy airplane on a kinthebirthday party.

And if you meet the pilot, then toast your meal ... See you

but now they were lucky. Eitherthe are the Gomeros

bad shooters, etc.the they have no experience with


Formally, it is a Mexican aircraft

- Operation Condor is a joint venture

of the Ninth Mexican Army Corps and the province

Sinaloa - but the planes are from the US

Drug Control Authority D E A financed, and the

Pilots are mostly recruited from former CIA

relatives the old Vietnam troops. If that is not a

It's a joke, thinks Keller - the Air America guys, they

used to flow heroin for Thai warlords,

used to flow heroin for Thai warlords,

move with the Mexican opium

Defoliant poisons to body.

The D E A wanted to use Agent Orange, but

the Mexicans had resisted this. So came

the new means 2,4-D is used, with which the

Mexicans agreed mainly because

d i e g o m e r o s considered this stuff anyway

Use herbicides.

So there are enough of them.

Sure, thinks Keller, the Mexicans decide what

happened here. We Americans are only the "advisors".

Like in Vietnam.

Only the baseball caps have changedthet.

The American drug war has a new front

opened in Mexico. Currently encounter ten thousand

Mexican soldiers in this valley close the city

Badiraguato before - in support the mexican

Federal Police and the DEA consultants, including Keller

belongs. Most of them arrive on footthee are

mounted, drive Rinthe in front of you as if they were

vaqueros, Mexican cowboys. Your command is whole

simple: poisons the poppy seedsthe and burns everything

is left, drive under the Gomeros like the hurricane

under dry leaves, destroys the heroin raw material base

here in the mountains of western Mexico.

The Sierra Occidental offers the ideal combination

from altitude, amount of rain and soil acidity for

the thriving of papaver somniferum, the Poppy variety,

out the "Mexican Mud" is won, a strong,

cheap brown heroin that hit the American market


Why Operation Condor? Thinks Keller.

Mexican has been around for sixty years

Heaven not seen a condor, and is out of the states

he disappeared much earlier. But any operation

needs a name, otherwise we won't believe in them - well

Condor. Why not?

Keller did a bit of clever work, huh

concerns this bird. It is (was) the greatest of all

Birds of prey, although this term is a little misleading

is, because instead of hunting, is active the Condor rather than

Scavenger. A fully grown condor, has a cellar

read, could easily see a little deer

tear, but he prefers to wait for an animal to come onthee

Way comes to death and he only comes from above

needs to float in to grab it.

Just like us, thinks Keller.

Operation Condor.

And howthe a Vietnam flashback.

Death from above.

So now I crouch in the undergrowth, shivering from the cold

that damp mountain morning, and lay down the Lurking.

Like back then.

Except that this time I don't have a Viet Cong Kathe in the

Have visor, sonthen old Don Pedro Av iles, den

Sinaloa drug lord, el patrón personally. Since a

half a centurytheDon Pedro is already supplying the market

with the opium produced here, long before Bugsy Siegel

came around with Virginia Hill in tow the

California Mafia a steadily gushing source of heroin

to secure.

Siegel made a deal with the young Don Pedro

Aviles, the took advantage of his new position of power to himself

z u m patrón to rise to the boss, and this post

he still dresses today. But recently his power has come

faltering - since a couple of young guys gave him respect

deny. A law of nature, thinks Keller, the boys

Lions bring down the old ones at some point. Whole

He has nights in his hotel room in Culiacan

lying awake - the shootings are in the streets

meanwhile so common that the city

Little Chicago deserves a nickname.

Well, maybe it's quiet from today.

If you arrest Don Pedro, you do this

Feuds an end. And you can be celebrated as a hero

he thinks a little guiltily.

Keller is a staunch supporter of the

Drug war. Grew up in San Barrio Logan

Diego, he saw with his own eyes what the heroin

can do in such a neighborhood, especiallythes if it

is a poor neighborhood. This is about getting the drugs off

the To get rid of the street, he admonishes himself, not for yours


Attheon the other hand he needs himself if he is the old one

Av iles hunted down so as not to end his career

to care. And if he's honest, she could

need a little boost.

The DEA is a young authority, barely two years old.

When President Nixon started the drug war, he needed

Soldiers. Most were out the Predecessor authority

taken over, some were in the police facilities

of the country, but in the Starting team

quite a few were represented directly by the company


Keller was one of them. A company cowboy.

That's what the cops call those who run from the CIA

come - to them then with rejection and suspicion

to meet.

Actually wrongly, thinks Keller. Basically

join in the D E A same - information

collect. You look for your informers, build them up,

control them and use the information they give you

control them and use the information they give you

deliver. The big difference to the old job: In the past

if they still arrested the target persons, now bring them

you just around.

Following the example of Operation Phoenix, the

programmed annihilation of the Viet Cong.

Keller was in Vietnam with the killer squads

not too much to do. He had to collect the raw data

and evaluate. Then they did the dirty work

attheen, mostly special units in pay the Company.

They always moved out at night, recalls Keller.

Sometimes stayed away for days, trundled in

Dawn likethe a, completely turned over by the

Dexedrine. Then they retreated to their bunks and

slept for days until they likethe had to go to

next use.

A couple of times when there is evidence of a major one

There was enemy concentration, Keller was with the boys from

The Special Forces drove out, had one while laying

Helped night ambush.

But that didn't excite him. Most of the time he had

just scared, but he was doing his job, saving

not with ammunition, gave his buddies fire protection and

came alive likethe Out. But he's seen things that

he would like to forget.

I have to go with the Live fact, thinks Keller, that

I have to go with the Live fact, thinks Keller, that

I put names of people on a piece of paper

wrote and thus passed her death sentence.

Anyone who has this behind them can only watch that he

Get through this dirty world as cleanly as possible.

But this damn war.

That damn, shitty war.

How many atthee too he has the departure the last

Helicopters from Saigon on TV watched how many

atthee war veterans he also met on the evening

when the offer came to the newly founded D E A

change, pointlessly drunk, and he was from the start

with it.

But first he talked to Althie about it.

"Maybe this will be a useful war one day," he admitted

told his wife. “Maybe we can


And now, thinks Keller as he crouches here and

lurking for Don Pedro, we may be on the verge of it.

His legs hurt from sitting still, but he's moving

not from the spot. He learned that in Vietnam. The

Mexicans posted in the undergrowth around him,

are just as disciplined - twenty special agents from

Mexican secret service DFS in camouflage clothing,

equipped with Uzis.

Only Tío Barrera appeared in a suit.

Even up here in the wild highlands the

Sunthehired a black one from the governor

Brand suit with a crisp white shirt and black

Silk tie. He seems relaxed and cheerful, a

Sample image of Latin American masculinity.

Just like the movie stars the forties, thinks

Basement, cellar. Black hair combed back straight,

Menjou mustache, a narrow, distinctive face with

Cheekbones as if chiseled from granite.

And eyes as black as a new moon night.

Officially, Miguel Angel Barrera is a police officer in the

service the Sinaloa Province and bodyguards of the

Governor of Sinaloa, Manuel Sánchez Cerro.

It is unofficial the Man for the rough, the right hand of the

Governor. And there Operation Condor, purely technically

spoken, an action the Sinaloa Province is, is

Barrera here the Boss.

And what am I? Keller asks himself. If I'm right

remember, Barrera is my boss too.

The twelve weeks of DEA training were not

excessively hard. The three-mile route left him cold

Basketball couldn't scare him, and that

Self-defense training was compared to Langley

Self-defense training was compared to Langley

a no brainer. The trainingthe they only trained in boxing and

Wrestling, and Keller was at the boxing

Junior Championships in San Diego a bronze medal


He was a fair middleweight - good technique,

but too slow. At some point he found himself with the

bitter fact that you can't learn speed

can. He was barely good enough to get into the higher

To advance ranks and then by line and thread

to be beaten up. But he proved that he did

and that gave him, the

Semi-Latino, standing in the barrio. A boxer the plug in

can, counts more than one among the Mexican fans,

the hands out.

And Keller could take it.

When he learned to box, they let him

Mexican kids mostly in peace. Even the gangs

avoided him.

During DEA training, however, he made sure

not to touch one's opponents too hard in the ring. It was

pointless to strike out of bragging rights and to enemies

do. The criminalist training fell on him

harder, but passed the test with dignity, and

addiction science was a kinthegame: How to recognize

to use marijuana? How do you recognize heroin? He pissed off

the remark that he has never done this before

the remark that he has never done this before

Had caused difficulties.

Also the Temptation to be best in class

withehe stood. It would have been easy for him, and he knew

it, but he preferred to dive under the radar.

The from the Police came, always believed them

the guys from the Company botched into the trade, so

it was better to keep a low profile.

With ontheIn words, he went the physical training

loosely, held back in class and screwed up

the one othe attheen test. So he got through without having to

shine. It was a little harder for him the

Combat training to stay in the background.

Surveillance technology? Old hat. Bugs, hidden

Cameras? He installed them in his sleep. Conspiratorial

Meetings and handovers, dead mailboxes,

Source management, interrogation technology, procurement and

Evaluation of information? He would have this course

teach yourself.

But he kept his mouth shut, was promotedthet and to

Special agent the DEA appointed. He got two weeks

Vacation, and off we went - to Mexico.

According to Culiacan, the Hub of the American

Drug trafficking.

The stronghold of opium.

The belly the Beast.

His new boss prepared him a friendly one

Reception. Tim Taylor already had Keller's file

had brought and was well informed. He didn't look

times from his reading up. Keller sat at him

Opposite desk, and Taylor said, "Vietnam?"


"With the accelerated pacification program."

"Yes." Accelerated Pacification Program aka

Operation Phoenix, coupled with the old joke that

since a lot of guys got pacified very quickly -


"CIA," said Taylor. It was a statement, not a statement


Statement othe Question, Keller didn't respond

thereon. Taylor came out the old drug agency BNDD

and had long been under her chronic

Suffer from underfunding. Now that drugs

howthe Having top priority, he wanted his pissed off

earned status not to any newbies


“You know what I don't like about you Company

Cowboys? ”Asked Taylor.

"No what?"

"You're not cops," Taylor said, "you're killers."

Fuck you, thought Keller. But he kept his mouth shut. He

pinched him tight while Taylor taught him

that he doesn't want cowboy shit, sonthen that they are a

"Team" and Keller would do well when

To appear as a »team player« and always enjoy the

To keep the rules.

Keller would have become a team player with a kiss

if the team had let him. Not that him

itched too much. Who grows up in the barrio, as the son of one

American father and a Mexican mother,

there is no team for him.

Keller's father, a San Diego businessman,

had a Mexican while on vacation in Mazatlan

Girl impregnated. (If not born, so

At least I was made in Sinaloa, says Keller to himself

occasionally.) Keller senior at least had the decency

marrying the girl, which was no great sacrifice for him

demanded, because she was excitedthe Beauty -

and Keller inherited his good looks from her. Be

So father took her to the USA - to find out

that it was the same with her as with many

attheen Souvenirs to bring from Mexico: Im

She was important to him in the moonlight of Mazatlan

temptthe occurred than in the cold light of the

American everyday life.

The breakup came when the little Arthur one year old

was. Since she took advantage of the great benefit her son enjoyed

was. Since she took the great advantage her son enjoyed that

American Citizenship, Not Disclosed

wanted, she moved to distant relatives in the barrio

Logan. Art Keller knew who his father was. Sometimes

he sat down in the little park the Crosby Street,

looked over at the glass skyscrapers and posed

Make up your mind to go there and see his father too


But he did not do it.

Keller senior sent checks - at first regularly,

then only sporadically - and occasionally it was

haunted by father feelings and remorse and

went to the restaurant with kindthe to baseball. But the

Meetings passed in a forced, trepidation

Atmosphere, and when Art got into middle school, listened

them all up.

There was also no money.

So it wasn't an easy thing for him

Seventeen year old when he finally got downtown

drove one the Entered glass towers and to his office

Father pushed ahead, giving him his brilliant certificate of suitability

and admission to the course the UCLA on the

Put down the desk and said, “Don't fall off your stool. I

want nothing more than a check. "

He got it.

For four years, one every year.

And a lesson along the way. The YOYO rule.

You are on your own. Help yourself, otherwise help you


What a good lesson was how to like nowthe

showed after he was deported to Culiacan by the DEA

and left there to its fate. “Look

around the country, ”Taylor advised, leaving a whole

Lots of similar clichés follow: “Collect

Impressions «,» Take it easy «, and believe it or not

Othe not: "No gain without diligence."

He might as well have said, "Fuck you on the knee"

because that's what it came down to. Taylor and his

Police friends isolated him, cut him from sources

and information, locked him from the

Briefings with the mexican police from,

let him gothe in the morning chats

over coffee and donuts still take part in the

Evening drinking parties, where it's really important

Information gave.

With ontheIn words, he was bullied all around.

The Mexicans didn't talk to him because he was a

Yankee was, and the Yankees in Culiacan were eitherthe

Dealer or similarthe Drug plaguethe. He couldn't be a dealer

his because he didn't buy (Taylor gave no funds for him

free so that he doesn’t get into the trade

botched), so he had to be on drugsthe be.

The Culiacan police wanted nothing to do with him

because he's a Yankee drug riotthe was the rather

in front the should sweep own front door, also stood

most of them in the pay of Don Pedro Aviles. From the

The Sinaloa provincial police showed him the same reason

the cold shoulder, and she had an extra one

Argument: why should she cooperate with Art Keller,

when he was sidelined by his own people?

And they didn't fare much better either.

The D E A had been urging them for two years

Mexican government opposed to a tougher pace

the Gomeros. The Americans presented evidence - photos,

Tapesthe, Testimony - but the promises

the Fethenothing followed, just empty excuses.

“You're here in Mexico, senores, need things like that

Your time."

While the evidence was yellowing, the witnesses got it

cold feet, and feettheeverything changed posts, like that

that Americans always likethe start all over

had to, with a new officer the Fetheales, the

fresh evidence and unspent witnesses from them

demanded - to bring them with them when everything was delivered

to declare with the greatest possible condescension: “You are here

in Mexico, senores, things like that take time. "

And while the heroin from the mountains after

Culiacan streamed in like a mudslide

Culiacan streamed in like a mudslide

Spring, the young Gomeros delivered themselves nightly

Street fights with Don Pedro's people so that Art

Keller already to Da Nang othe Saigon felt displaced

only there was a lot more shooting here.

Night after night, Keller lay on his bed

Hotel room, drank cheap scotch, watched football, etc.the

Boxing, hathete with his fate.

And longed for Althie.

Last year he had Althea Patterson on

hit campus and faced a pretty lame one

Tried on: »We don't know each other the

Political Science? "

Althea was tall, slim, and blond, with rather angular

as round contours. Her nose was bumped, hers

Mouth was a little too wide and her green eyes

sat a bit too deep in the caves, so they barely

could pass as classic beauty, but beautiful

she was anyway.

U n d k l u g. She was actually studying

Political science, and he had already discussed it

Listen. She took her position (a little to the left of

Emma Goldmann) with heated arguments, and that

irritated him additionally.

So they met for a pizza and drove to it

to her apartment in Westwood. She made espresso, and

to her apartment in Westwood. She made espresso, and

at Plauthen turned out that they are from the old

Californian money nobility from Santa Barbara originated and

her father a big deal with the Californians

Democrats was.

To her, Art Keller was a hell of a good lookthe Type

with a magnificent black mane, one slightly damaged

Nose that gave him a daring look, and

that quiet intelligence that the barrio child has to offer

a place to study the UCLA had helped. And

then there was something else - an aura the Lonliness,

Vulnerability, irritability that makes him unwithestanding


They ended up straight in bed, and in the

In the post-coital darkness he asked her: "Can you do that now?"

check off your left-wing libertarian wish list? "


"Sleeping with a Latino."

She thought for a moment, then answered. "I

always thought Latinos were Puerto Ricans. What I

can tick off is sleeping with one

Bean eater. "

“Actually,” he said, “I'm only half a man

Bean eater. "

"Oh dear," she said. "It always gets worse."

Althea was the exception to this the YOYO rule;

she undermined his own in an insidious way

Self-sufficiency that when he met her,

was already flesh and blood. The

Silence had become his habit, one of them

Protective wall that he had built around himself as a child.

When he met Althie, he already enjoyed the

additional benefit of professional training in

the discipline the mental foreclosure.

The talent scouts the CIA had him in the second

Academic year tracked down and picked like a mature woman


His professor of international relations, a

Cubans in exile, went for coffee with him and became too

his advisor. Professor O s u na told him which one

Subjects and which language courses he should take. He loaded

brought him to his home too, for dinner, brought him

which fork was to be used for what, which wine

one had to choose which women to look for

had to strive. (From Althea was Professor Osuna

excited. "She's just the one," he said. "You

teaches you the way of life. ")

It was more of a seduction than a recruitment.

Not that Art Keller was difficult to seduce.

They have a nose for people like me, thought

he later. The lost, the lonely, the between

he later. The lost, the lonely, the between

sit in all chairs and don't really belong anywhere.

And I was the perfect choice - clever, street tried,

ambitious. I looked white, but could

fight like a latino. I just needed that certain one

Cut, and they gave me that.

Then came the small orders: “Arturo, we

have a visiting professor from Bolivia. Could you

through town? ”A few more jobs

of this kind, and it was said: “Arturo, what is Dr.

Echeverría in his spare time? Is he drinking? He stands up

Girl? No? Boys, maybe? ”Next

came: »Arturo, if Professor Méndez a little

Want marijuana, could you get him that? "

“Arturo, could you tell me with whom ours

Dear poet friend, talked on the phone like that? "-" Arturo, that

is a listening device. If you maybe in

could install his room ... "

Arturo did everything without taking part the Batting an eyelash,

and he did well.

He practically got his ticket to Langley

handed out together with the diploma. And it was

an interesting exercise to Althea about this fact

to explain. "I can only give you a hint,"

he oracle. She wasn't stupid, she understood immediately.

"You're a boxer," she said to him. "That is the

perfect metaphor for you. "

"How do you mean?"

“You have mastered the art, things of yours

keep away, ”she said. "You don't let anything touch you."

Not true, thought Art. I'll let you get to me.

A few weeks before his Vietnam mission

they married. He wrote her long, passionate

Letters without adding a syllable to its activity

enter into. When he came back he was changedthet.

Of course, she thought. How not? But the

The closeness that she already knew about him had developed

reinforced. He could have an infinite emotional distance

to show and at the same time deny that they

duration. Then howthe he turned into the

attentive, affectionate man with whom she falls in love

would have.

When he said he was considering a career change

she was relieved. He told her about it enthusiastically the

new drug agency, the DEA. You can find good ones there

and do useful work. She encouraged him to do the job

to compete even though he likethe gone for three months

had to, after the Return just long enough to

Was home to get her pregnant, and then again

was recalled, this time to Mexico.

He wrote her long, passionate letters

Mexico without adding a syllable to its activity

enter into. Because there is nothing for me to do here

enter into. Because there is nothing for me to do here

he wrote to her.

And it was true. There wasn't a thing for him to admit

do except with his fate to hathen.