What kind of woman are you

Type of woman: What type of woman are you?

Be honest with yourself and try to recognize yourself in the descriptions. The type description that has the most in common with your character applies to you. Find out more about yourself, your relationship and maybe your secret wishes or quirks that you are not so good at admitting to yourself.

The self-sacrificing type of woman

The self-sacrificing person does everything to make her partner happy. Undivided attention, small gifts and even a football game from your favorite club, if he likes it that much. If it comes to an argument, she gives in quickly. She has a very strong need for harmony. Despite all the affection and devotion, the self-sacrificing person has one great demand: closeness! She would love to merge with her partner. Sharing everything is the best thing for her.

Self-sacrificing type of woman - tip for the relationship

Shifting down a gear can't hurt. Some men feel overwhelmed by such affection and avoiding any quarrel does not make you happy in the long run.

The adventurous type of woman

The adventurer doesn't care much about rules and unwritten laws. She lives as she sees fit and as she enjoys it. She is a particularly fun-loving person, open to new things and usually free from prejudice. She does not give serious thought to what the future may bring and also lives into the day in their relationship. A happy relationship is like a roller coaster ride for them. The adventurous type of woman likes to avoid relationship stress because he doesn't like to think about problems. The adventurer is more looking for a companion for her life journey than a caring partner. This is why the adventurer often prefers affairs.

Adventurous type of woman - tip for the relationship

A little more seriousness and consistency are very important for a stable partnership. When it comes to true feelings, the adventurer must spare no effort and, above all, must allow herself to be committed. Or she is looking for like-minded people. When she meets her adventurer, they can go on a roller coaster ride together.

The type of woman who cares a lot

The brooder is everywhere with her head. She thinks about everything that happens and looks at the possible consequences of each of her actions. For example, she is more likely to wonder if there are risks, and their relationship is worth those risks. Even small decisions are connected with many difficult thoughts. She also likes to lie in wait and watch her surroundings very closely. She doesn't like to leave events to chance, plans every step and always wants to know what's in store for her - that gives her the security she needs. The brooder's insecurity often comes from having already had bad experiences. One - "I never want to be hurt like this again" - is often behind it.

Brooding type woman - tip for the relationship

Trust is an important aspect of a happy relationship. A little more relaxation would often do the relationship good. In addition, love always means a certain risk, which in most cases is also worthwhile. Less control of the partner and less brooding make life easier.

The freedom-loving type of woman

The freedom-loving type of woman is independent and self-reliant. Excursions and evenings together are only possible if the freedom lover really has the time and inclination for it. If she wants to meet her friends, then the partner has to back off. He should accept that, because she takes something like that very easily and pays particular attention to her personal happiness. The partner must give the freedom lover enough space. She throws herself into a new relationship with a lot of energy and zest for life, but usually remains rather non-binding. For a stable partnership, she needs a strong balance.

Freedom-loving type woman - tip for the relationship

Men need evidence that they are loved. That is why the freedom-loving woman should occasionally do something to please her partner. If she doesn't always insist on her freedoms and look for similarities, this can connect and make a relationship more intense.

The balanced type of woman

Understanding and helpful, kind-hearted and sociable. These are words your friends use to describe the balanced type of woman. The well-balanced is willing to compromise, does not like to let her friends down and is there for every little problem if she can help. Even in a relationship, the balanced one is relaxed and easy. She has a large circle of friends and is usually “the nice guy” there. In men, she is very often known as the dude type. Their partnerships often arise from good friendships. The love relationship is therefore usually characterized by an intense friendship. She is a relaxed and sociable partner who prefers to go jogging together or do something with friends. The togetherness in the partnership often lags behind there.

Tip for the balanced type woman relationship

The balanced person should sometimes try to gain more distance from her image as a “best buddy” and empathize with the role of the passionate partner. That makes a relationship more intense. Men need passion as appreciation. Too little love and too much friendship can damage a love relationship.