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Tuition fees abroad

More and more bachelor students are deciding to complete a master’s degree abroad - why not, international experience always looks good on a résumé. But there are not only differences in the design of the courses, but also in the costs. Since there is no uniform system, each country is different from the other.

Tuition fees in Europe

The great advantage of studying in Europe is the Bologna Process. This ensures that the degrees are recognized throughout Europe and that the Bachelor is a prerequisite for the Master everywhere. In contrast to Germany, there are still some countries where tuition fees are charged, but these vary greatly: For example, studying in Italy costs between € 750 and € 3000, in England it costs between € 11350 and € 14000. In contrast, there are none in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark or Norway. The status of semester fees or additional costs also differs from country to country. Accordingly, it is very important that, if you are interested in doing a master’s degree abroad, you find out at an early stage where what costs will be incurred and what financing options are available. Some countries differentiate between Bachelor and Master or the type of study, others between the languages ​​in which the courses are held and for others the country of origin counts.

On these pages you can find out more about studying in European countries and also more about the costs:

International tuition fees

Something similar as mentioned in the section for Europe also applies to studying outside of Europe. The biggest difference is that the degrees and admission requirements do not correspond to the European ones and that usually very high tuition fees have to be paid. European universities usually also differentiate between European and international students, and conversely, the same is to be expected from international universities. That is why it is particularly important that you find out which fees apply to you! Often times, tuition fees for international students are a little more hidden. In Canada, for example, you have to reckon with up to € 5,000 per semester, in Australia a full course of study can cost up to € 18,000. A distinction is often made between completing just a semester abroad or a full course of study, and the costs can vary accordingly. In addition, there are of course the cost of living, insurance and the like - so it should be carefully considered whether you have the necessary change to complete your studies remotely.

On the following pages you will find a lot of interesting information about studying and living in the respective countries, as well as more detailed information on costs.