What are some specialized QA websites

Websites and web apps

Concept, web design and programming from a single source

Website design and technology have changed massively in the past few years. New programming languages, advancements in popular browsers and the proliferation of mobile devices have radically moved the landscape. What was still modern in 2008 can no longer be presented today. Many companies still stick to the old, which unfortunately quickly leads to bad customer impressions if pages are warped or incorrectly displayed on an iPad, smartphone or incorrectly in the browser.

A professional face for your company

We specialize in websites that give small and medium-sized companies a professional face and at the same time offer maximum flexibility in the face of changes. On request, we can program your website with a content management system (CMS) of your choice, which you can use to manage and adapt all content yourself quickly and easily.

All from a single source

When creating a new website, we are happy to provide conceptual and advice and then implement the website with your content in the design of your choice. For this purpose, we develop a design line that consistently continues your corporate design. You can find some work samples from websites in our portfolio.

Worldwide leading content management system

We mainly work with the world's leading content management system WordPress. This open source solution always guarantees the latest technology for your website. That also means a big plus in terms of security. It also ensures that you can work with the website yourself later without needing a degree in programming languages.

The biggest advantage of open source, however, is that you as a customer are not bound - neither to us as an agency, nor to a system that nobody but us can use. Because every experienced web developer in the world can and will work with WordPress. In contrast to a proprietary, self-developed system, this is a great advantage.

Responsive design

The variety of devices from which websites are accessed on a daily basis is constantly increasing. At least since the massive market launch of tablets, it has been crucial to leave a perfect impression on mobile devices as well. We develop a web design for you that dynamically adapts to the size of the device and is therefore stable for the future of the Internet. After all, you don't want to buy a new website in two years.

Detailed evaluations

Do you know how many visitors your website had this month? How about the length of stay of your visitors? Or do you know the problem areas of your website - where most people leave your website? No? These numbers are important and often allow conclusions to be drawn about the interests of the target group or show which customer approach works well and which does not. Each of our websites comes with extensive tracking options, which we would be happy to evaluate for you every month and give you our recommendations for optimization.

Effective, targeted web design

Every website has a goal. For most of our customers, this is to inspire visitors to get in touch or often even to purchase a product directly. Our design revolves around this goal, because it has to be pragmatic, but still beautiful. The most beautiful website will not be of any use if it does not guide its visitors in a targeted manner to your desired action.