What are the hypersonic missiles made of

Version: Still exploding over Chelyabinsk hypersonic missile, not a meteorite

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The journalist doubts that the disaster in the Urals on February 15 was a natural phenomenon


Chelyabinsk meteorite? No! Russian hypersonic detonated a missile, the prototype tests of which then ran unusually. So sensationally stunned recently “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”. Although there wasn't any first. Immediately after the Chelyabinsk explosion, the famous publicist Julia Latynina spoke in Novaya Gazeta with material entitled “A” What is the page number of the meteorite? ”

He also warmed the theological version of the Vladimir Zhirinovsky conspiracy. And he assured that the Urals phenomenon was a test of new weapons. But not ours, but Americans.

And two months later, when the passions seemed to be subsiding and collected heavenly pieces of stone were examined by scientists, for some reason the rocket version reappeared. Right, she is on her way to journalist Viktor Myasnikov. From me. Not a single opinion specialist. At least one retired soldier.

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According to the journalist, the events developed further. Case: “At dawn on February 15, a strategic missile carrier Tu-160 with a ballistic missile on the suspension, instead of the third stage and the warhead was a hypersonic prototype missile. At an altitude of 20 km and a speed of over two thousand km / h, the aircraft has launched a launcher. It went beyond the atmosphere. Here the last stage was separated with the prototype load. Accelerated into space vacuum, hypersonic rocket in a few minutes should fall in the region of the White Sea ... At the rocket trajectory over a populated area it suddenly continued to decline. At an altitude of 92 km it entered the atmosphere and then flew, leaving an inversion trail, almost on a very sloping path parallel to the earth's surface. This is a typical angle of entry and movement. for objects from near-earth orbit, for example, their satellites spent.

... an explosion, accompanied by a strong shock wave and unusual The bright bursts of fire that are typical for high-calorie fuel do not completely destroy the rocket ... They officially announced on February 16 as no fragments were found, the search was canceled. I could only mean one thing: the FSB has found what it was looking for. That is namely the remains of missiles. ”


For clarification, I turned to experts - specialists in celestial objects and unusual phenomena. Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, The director of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who Boris Shustov advised against reading “all sorts of nonsense”. No less categorical in his assessment was also the deputy chairman of the Meteorite Committee of the RAS, head of the Laboratory of Cosmochemistry and Meteorics, Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry (GEOCHI) RAS Mikhail Nazarov:

"That can not be." We collected a lot of material from the fall and no traces of the rocket impact were found there.

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Instead of scientific facts - “room fairy tales”?

Military observer “KP” Viktor Baranets asked comment on the riddle of the Doctor of Military Technical Sciences, Deputy Director General for Research Institute for Reflection of the Ministry of Defense Space Threats, Andrei Kalmykov.

- Andrei Mikhailovich, and how do you like the version about the explosion? Hypersonic missiles near Chelyabinsk?

- This is not a version or a hypothesis, it is an illiterate tale. I am I see absolutely no reason to discuss this bog. For accustomed to work with real materials, specific facts and figures and not with speculation and fantasy.

"But the author of the material analyzes the facts." We are The video really saw a snow-white inversion path. that should be characteristic of rockets and rockets, planes, not meteorites ...

- Tell me, if a huge lump of ice melts from excessive heating, does black smoke come out, or is it still steam?

- But the steam dissipates quickly, but here it was a steady white tail ...

- A meteorite is a conglomerate of different space materials, and when they enter dense layers of the atmosphere, they behave differently. There is a complex chemical makeup of substances. Also, you need to know basic things: a hypersonic missile of such a huge “inversion trail” does not leave. And if it fell, then after such an explosion the place of its fall would be found in an hour! But these stories about the Tu-160, which supposedly carry a “ballistic missile” under its belly with a hypersonic device as a third stage - even Baron Münchhausen is not up to such a bike I would have thought! We have to read Young Technician magazine at least occasionally! Since hypersonic missile launch system painted in colors and colors a long time ago.

And how can you seriously discuss this - "Fragments fell from different angles"? The author of this "version" what did she see? Measured angles? Yes, if the fragments were, why should they fall? at an angle to the ground? Where is the logic? Why make people laugh?


Academics of RAS, Head of the Department of Planetary Research Cosmochemistry of the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry RAS, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Mikhail Marov:

- If it was a missile, I would definitely know. We have reliable data that it was a meteorite. Just a week ago I was giving a big seminar at the State Astronomical ab Sternberg Institute. All experts were present who have professional knowledge of meteorites. Our conclusion is clear: it was more or less ordinary astronomical phenomenon. In terms of the extent of its destruction, since this happens in a densely populated area, it has not been equal. This is confirmed by measurements by American experts from NASA

Senior Researcher, Zvenigorod Observatory Nagel Bakhtigaraev:

- About a missile - it's a duck, of course. Invented by their lovers. Pros won't say that. Meteorite speed in times the speed of the fastest rocket. - The authors of the “sensation” guilt are, for example, scientists under whom the fragments allegedly got different angles, even in opposite directions, which in the case of In principle there can be no meteorite. Is that so? - No, if the speed the meteorite has already fallen, its destruction, explosion has occurred. And showered the broken pieces in all directions. And they had different shapes, so they could plan and change direction in the atmosphere.

Head of the Department of Space Electrometry, Institute of Astronomy RAS, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Lydia Rykhlova:

- Already more than 500 kg of meteorite material were found only by those who traveled on an expedition to the Urals. There were scientists from the committee on the meteorite and from our institute. Not to mention how many people gathered. My colleagues went through the villages and even 130 km from Chelyabinsk residents showed them fragments of a chicken egg. In addition, a NASA representative, a specialist in meteorites. Nobody has any doubts that the meteorite fell.

In addition, several parts of the meteorite have already been cut in the committee. on meteorites of the Institute for Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry (GEOCHI) RAS and determined what they are made of. It turned out to be common chondritis. Ordinary - not because it is often found, but because that they are completely standard in their structure. A very long time and well studied.

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By the way

Julia Latynina: "I generally have to be silent a rag"

- I generally have to be silent in a rag. In the morning when I wasn't yet The extent of the damage was clear, but it was clear that something like this had fallen ... I looked: not a fig itself, this thing was flying from one along the trajectory to landfill in another! Instead of sticking to this thought, I hurried to introduce it to the readers of Novaya Gazeta. Of course this is total nonsense ... (An apology for the “board number ...” rang out in the air from Echo von Moscow.)

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