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First name of the week: Jacob / Jacob

Origin and meaning

At Jacob or. Jacob it is a biblical name from the Old Testament. There Jacob is the son of Isaac, from whose twelve sons the twelve tribes of Israel emerged. The meaning of his name is still unclear, however, and interpretations such as "heel holder" and "he cheats, cheater" are circulating. However, it is more likely that Jacob or. Jacob is a short form of ja’-kôb-’êl "God protects".


In Germany is Jacob in use as a nickname since the 9th century. Its frequency decreased sharply in the 19th and 20th centuries, but the name has been experiencing an upswing in the last few years: This is how the variants belong Jacob and Jacob together currently the 20 most popular boy names in Germany.

Current distribution in Germany

The darker the color, the higher the ranking within the top 20. Those federal states in which the name is not in the top 20 are colored gray.

Well-known namesake

Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz, poet
Jacob Grimm, linguist
Jakob Augstein, journalist and publisher

name day

July 25th according to Jacob the Elder, the Apostle of Spain
May 3 after Jacob the Younger, Apostle
May 11 after Jacob, a relative of Jesus

(Foreign language) variants

German: Jockel, Kobus, Köbes
Dutch: Jaap, co-op
French: Jacques
English: Jack, Jake, James
Italian: Giacomo, Jacopo
Spanish: Jaime, Iago, Diego
Catalan: Jaume
Latin: Jacobus
Czech: Jakub
Russian: Jakov, Pet forms Jascha, Janja
Yiddish: Yakef
Finnish: Jaakko


The spelling with -k- only gained acceptance with the introduction of the German standard spelling in 1901, since then Jacob in this country more often than Jacob.

The name has a literary model in Jurek Becker's novel "Jakob the Liar" and in Uwe Johnson's work "Conjectures about Jakob".

The nursery rhyme "Brother Jacob" goes back to a French nursery rhyme from the 18th century, "Frère Jacques". The song has been translated into many languages; received in several languages Jacob another name, for example Hassan (Arabic, Berber) or John (English)

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