What are some examples of minimalist fashion

Minimalist fashion

" Less is more "

Less is more: Thinking about minimalist fashion is more topical than ever in the context of the sustainability debate. Every season, textile chains burn huge stocks of textiles, some of which were produced under unfair conditions. Do we really need mountains of new clothes in our closet every season? From the minimalist wardrobe to the capsule wardrobe: Here we present various concepts for a conscious clothing style and its advantages.

Capsule Wardrobe: Basic fashion instead of shopping frenzy

The principle of the Capsule Wardrobe is to have only a few, easily combinable items of clothing in the closet. These preferably timeless favorite pieces can be rearranged and supplemented quarterly according to the season, but should not exceed a certain maximum number. The voluntary restriction to minimalist fashion concerns outerwear, shoes and accessories. What seems impossible to many fashion-loving people has given those who have already implemented the concept a feeling of euphoric freedom. Minimalist fashion is also sustainable: Consciously avoiding fashion consumption improves your ecological footprint.

Successful people wear minimalist fashion

The founder of the Apple empire, Steve Jobs, was known for composing his outfits entirely from 3 repetitive pieces of clothing. To every meeting and every presentation - including in public - he wore a black turtleneck, Levi's 501 jeans and New Balance sneakers. Of course, the demanding manager did not opt ​​for just any wheelchair. Nobody less than the Japanese cult designer Issey Miyake was allowed to deliver the high-quality sweaters and in this way contributed to the world-famous signature look of Steve Jobs.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also preferred to appear in jeans and gray T-shirts. When asked about the reason for the modest and always the same look, Zuckerberg said that as CEO, in the interests of the shareholders, he did not want to waste his valuable time on such insignificant decisions as the choice of his clothing.

The advantages of a minimalist wardrobe:

  • Few textiles take up less space in the home
  • It's easy to keep track of all items of clothing
  • You save money without bad purchases
  • You can invest in better quality fewer clothes
  • All parts can be combined with one another
  • Dressed faster in the morning: The decision on an outfit will be easier for you
  • There is more time for essential things in life
  • You develop a recognizable, personal style
  • Reduced fashion consumption is environmentally friendly

How is a minimalist wardrobe created?

Many arguments in favor of minimalist fashion are convincing. They promise a wonderfully liberated feeling, cost savings and more time for the important things in life. However, a few steps have to be taken from the overflowing dressing room to the purist closet. How do you manage to part with unnecessary clothes? The tips of the Japanese cleaning consultant and bestselling author Marie Kondo are helpful. She recommends only keeping the things that really make you happy and thanking the clothes that should be sorted out. This simple message is not easy to implement in practice. If you manage to clear out your closet and only have a few basics left that can be worn in any situation, you've made it. It is advantageous to select the textiles according to categories. For example, if you see the huge mountain of all your T-shirts in front of you, you feel more pressure to reduce it to a few parts. Now it is important to arrange the selected favorite pieces clearly so that they are always in view.

Concepts for a puristic clothing style

Are you worried about the idea of ​​only being able to own 37 items of clothing in black, white and gray in the future? Men usually find it easier to dress minimalistically and to concentrate on a few styles and colors. Minimalist concepts for women can also be colorful. Put together your basic wardrobe by combining a few favorite colors that suit you particularly well. Fashion professionals create a mood board with pantone colors to create a frame for the reduced number of styles on the clothes rack. Tip from fashion professionals: The comparison with small color tables in your handbag will save you from making bad purchases the next time you shop.

These parts should not be missing in a basic wardrobe

Among the tops, T-shirts and longsleeves are among the basics that are most easy to combine. Opt for a pair of plain shirts to wear underneath, a classic striped shirt and a T-shirt with a decorative print. A pair of white, light blue or black shirts and blouses are must-haves for the business wardrobe of people who want to dress in a minimalist way. Ladies do not need to do without 2-3 favorite dresses.

Underneath should be a “small black” that can be worn on festive occasions. In the cooler seasons, 4-5 simple sweaters, 2-3 cardigans, cardigans or hoodies belong to the wardrobe of a fashionable minimalist. Whether skirts, jeans or trousers made of fabric are important to you depends on your personal style. It is important that the bottoms are wearable for both leisure and formal occasions. Jackets should of course not be missing. A minimalist wardrobe contains a summer jacket, a denim jacket or blouson, a timeless transition coat such as a trench coat and a simple winter coat or classic parka. A minimalist can get by with just 5-6 pairs of shoes: sandals or ballerinas, sneakers, boots, elegant shoes and winter boots. Now selected fashion accessories such as scarves, belts, jewelry and bags are missing and your basic equipment is ready. You have done everything right if the clothes you choose are typical for you and underline your own personal style.

This keeps the wardrobe minimalist

After you have successfully given away superfluous, unloved and unworn clothing for years, sold it at flea markets or brought it to the recycling center, you stand in front of a clear and wonderfully tidy wardrobe.

All efforts have been in vain if you “relapse” after a short time and your wardrobe is bursting at the seams.

Practice being mindful of fashion. That doesn't have to mean that, like Mark Zuckerberg, you limit yourself to shopping for gray t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweat jackets. Reward purchases and frustration shopping lead to bad purchases that you will regret. It is best to make a shopping list if you want to replace or add to a piece. Avoid spontaneous purchases and sleep over it for a night before making a purchase decision for the trendy trend style. The next day you have mostly forgotten the part again.

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