What is the Polyvores business model

There's something beautiful to see at Paulinepauline. She has in FacebookDiscovered Polyvore, the incredibly beautiful shopping service, and tested its features right away. The whole thing describes itself well with a craft feeling.

And it's true - it's fun to browse through the individual clothing categories in order to push together copies of this and that on a list template and style them around.

Pauline also pulled through right away:

»It is a bit impractical that all the decorative stuff is always included in the list of the products it contains. Because this list also takes you to the shop, where you can then buy the item of clothing. «

My goodness, the selection here seems big to me. The products that are offered on Polyvore for messing up come from users who post great products here and specify the provider shop. So recommendations are really fun, because here products are connected to one another in a context and appear in a new light from the very personal point of view of the list creator.

Conclusion: nice lists.

Source: Paulinepaulline

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