Being an automotive technician is a good job

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I have to slowly decide what to do with my life. I've been interested in cars for a long time, and I enjoy repairing or replacing things. For some time now, have been thinking about starting an apprenticeship as a car driver. I only have one concern, many jobs are currently being done by machines. Therefore, I am concerned that the job could possibly be extinct in 10-20 years.

Would be nice if you also write your opinion on the topic. And maybe some who are also motorists can reveal their experiences.

Thank you in advance.

If you don't have to brake before the curve, you weren't fast enough on the straight;)
Do not do that!!
It pisses you off after your apprenticeship and the "job" then sticks to you for your whole life.
You also have to think about what you want to live from - you don't work because you enjoy it, but because you need money.
And if you take a look at what rent costs in most cities, no one can afford to work as a car mechatronics technician in 5 years.
What if you get sick? What if you become unemployed or unable to work? What about pension?

Look somehow that you are getting your Abitur and graduation!

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Second education, I did too.
The earlier you study, the better, financially and also in terms of learning.
Otherwise I see it like Pierre.

I also learned a car mechanic. It's very interesting. But what do you do with the journeyman's certificate?
That was 3/1/2 wasted years.
What you earn there is ridiculous when you consider what kind of responsibility you take on.
It is often the case that in your mid-20s or 30s you have completely different interests - and then your job sticks to you.
Whereby the word "job" is completely wrong, "work to earn money" would be more correct.
So with the payment that a car mechatronics technician gets today, if you live alone and have to pay rent, you can start looking for a part-time job right away.
It's all getting more and more expensive, only the wages are no longer ...
The master's examination also costs ashes and the loss of earnings in the time.

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Nice cars start with "B" - BMW and Borsche ...
I was also a car driver for a while and I personally advise against the profession. My personal experience is that as a mechatronics technician in a branded authorized workshop, you are almost exclusively there to do customer service (oil service, filters, brakes, etc.) and to change wheels when the wheel is being changed.

In a small independent workshop you learn a lot more than customer service and changing wheels, but mostly paid underground and work safety may not be a hit either (old-fashioned workshops).

It is hard physical work, especially when changing wheels, that is absolutely no fun. Really interesting repairs are relatively rare.

A good friend of mine is studying at a huge Audi contract partner and earns very well there for a car mechatronics technician, but also mainly does customer service and wheel changes. But he still likes it in the very modern luxury workshop with a good working atmosphere.

What you have to say about it: As a car mechatronics technician you always have dirty fingers (even at home) because brake dust and other substances are hard to get off your skin.

I only do this as a hobby. At least you learn something if you dismantle an old car yourself without time pressure.

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Thank you for the numerous answers.

To answer a few questions:

I will probably reach my extended secondary school connection in the summer.

I haven't done an internship yet, but a good friend is a car mechanic and my friend is a mechanic as a hobby, so I spent a night or two in the hall.
As a woman, your apprenticeship is probably a little easier when it comes to work that involves lifting a little heavier. I think the male colleagues tend to be so nice and help you if it gets too difficult for you;)

Just do an internship, maybe when you are changing a wheel, so that you can get an idea of ​​the workshop where you would like to do an apprenticeship.

It's a nice thing in itself that you, as a woman, are interested in technology. You have to say that. After all, there are not so many women who choose such a profession.

In any case, I hope that you will find a job for yourself that you enjoy doing and that does not overload you in the long run.

My path was and is still pretty rocky at the moment. I hope that this year I will finally find my vocation with an apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator, which I enjoy and which will also provide me with a good foundation in the future. It's not that easy if you've had bad experiences in the past. But you always learn something new and these are also valuable experiences :) even if a lot goes wrong for a while;)
Well, I don't think a machine can replace a clutch or a turbocharger. However, with all-electric cars there is a lot of modular construction.

I think a person's environment has a significant impact on you. For example, if you had a lot of friends in the construction industry, you might want to become an architect.

Perhaps it is worth making an appointment at the Biz (career information center)
Maybe you have undiscovered talents dormant, who knows.

But maybe you have a dream that you want to realize, your own repair shop with your friend or or, for that you need money and know-how. You can then work it out and become self-employed at 30 or earlier. You don't really have to be a master anymore;)
Hi Lisa,

just don't let that drive you crazy.

Go after your goal. The KFZ Mech. Can also be expanded with the master!

So you still have ways and opportunities to gain something without studying.

If there is still a need for a degree, there is a bachelor's / master's degree in vehicle construction.

You can study this in NRW without a high school diploma with FHR and 2 years of professional experience.

So you are definitely not doing anything wrong with the training.

You can then decide later whether you want to go into the tariff area.

In any case, you can earn real money after the Aubi which a student without education cannot.

greetings Oli

Offer retrofitting and coding for all BMW type classes as well as troubleshooting in electronic problems of all kinds. In addition, installation of electrical components of all assemblies.

In addition, TIG welding technology on engine gears and exhaust systems.
I would also recommend you to do an internship here and there if you have the opportunity
make whether you like working at all. I can also say that the car is mine
It's a hobby, but on the one hand it's not the same as it was back then when I was 20+, on the other hand
you can ruin your hobby with it if you meet the unloved and
to cobble together unkempt slingshots of others. One does not say in vain
"The shoemaker's shoes are usually the most broken!".
Furthermore, one can also assume that this profession will become more and more
Parts exchangers and EDV speci developed, that too has to be clear.
The most important point in the long term is the coal ..... as always! Even if you like the job
and you have fun with it, in the end we all only go there because we need money!
The fairy tale of a job that is fun and fulfills .......... maybe there but
If I were to go back to my professional path again, I would no longer want to have fun
and seek fulfillment (especially for many years), but just like me as much money as possible
for as little effort as possible and what I can cope with.
Therefore, think about how to continue a potential journeyman's letter in one go
can update to foreman, technician etc.
However, a positive aspect of a craft training can be seen in all of the students who have studied
Superstars today, half of whom, in my experience, don't have a clue about anything
sooner or later it will be difficult to find a suitable workforce
can and want to do the work. Hence, there is a completed lesson in my eyes
not wrong, but should be upgraded as soon as possible.