Who owns the clothing brand Off White

Virgil Abloh - The Rise of the Off-White Founder

The Virgil Abloh one day the founder of one of the most hyped fashion labels in the world, the then 26-year-old probably couldn't believe it himself after graduating in architecture and civil engineering in 2006. In 2018 he is next to his own label as Creative director at the luxury brand Louis Vuitton and last year through the "Nike The Ten“Collaboration has arrived in the mainstream. Since then, it's not just stars or little hypebeasts who have been talking about Off whitewho squander their parents' money in the boutiques of downtown Munich. Even people with comparatively less knowledge about fashion give everything to get one of the coveted sneakers at the next drop.

But Virgil Abloh is far more than a fashion designer who is a man DJ, designed furniture, makes art and many more things. One more reason to take the time to look at the “Off-White” brand to find out what makes the brand and the people behind it so special.

Virgil Abloh & Kanye West: The Beginnings

Got after graduation Virgil Abloh the possibility,Kanye Westto get to know. The two hit it off and Virgil started working for Kanye. To this day, the two are good friends and support each other. Even then, the two artists were obsessed with fashion and in 2009 they got the opportunity to do an internship at the Italian luxury fashion house Fendi. This was the beginning of something very big.

Before heading into the world of fashion, however, Abloh worked as creative director with a number of renowned artists on the album “Watch the Throne“By Kanye and Jay-Z and at the legendary Yeezus tour. Merch was designed, brute stage sets were created and artistic music videos were shot. Ultimately, only those involved know where Virgil brought his creative input, but he will have made a significant contribution in many areas.

Virgil Abloh - The first own brand

Before the name "Off-White" started Virgil Abloh his first attempts in the fashion world under the name "Pyrex vision". At that time he bought blank Ralph Lauren shirts with the simplest means and provided them with the print “Pyrex” and a “23” on the back. This served as an homage to his childhood hero Michael Jordan. He sold the shirts for $ 550 apiece, and through friends like Kanye West, A $ ap Rocky, and Beyonce, the brand quickly gained prominence.

Off-White was born

In 2013 the time had come! Virgil closed the gates of "Pyrex vision"And founded"Off-white". Even if the main focus is on fashion, the label should offer a platform for a wide variety of creative work such as music, videos, art and many other exciting projects. The name "Off-White" comes from Virgil's definition of the color range between white and gray. Where for Pyrex Ralph Lauren and Champion Blanks were still used for the first collections, the production of the Off-White products should take place exclusively in Milan in order to guarantee the highest quality and thus do justice to the image of a luxury brand.

A year later the time had come: Virgil Abloh showed the world its first men's and women's first collection. His goal was to unite the world of streetwear and high fashion and to interpret it in a completely new context. He got the inspiration for the geometric lines on the prints from a house by the architect Mies van Rohe. His Training as an architect should also be an inspiration for further creative work in the future. Off-White attracted particular attention through music videos by Nicki Minaj and Beyonce, in which both wore sweatshirts from the collection. A short time later the brand became famous for the LVMH price nominated, in which young artists and designers are honored for outstanding achievements.

The first own store

Tokyo was to be the location for the first concept store in 2016. Hardly any other city is home to more fashion-loving people who are ready to spend huge amounts of money on the latest and hottest items of clothing. So not a badly chosen location for a high fashion store (there are now a total of 34 own retail stores and many boutiques that offer the label). In the same year, he also published the first project that was not based on fashion. It was the Furniture collection "Gray Area".

Virgil Abloh merchandise

Through the friendship with different artists, one or the other collaboration arose. This is one of the most famous collaborations Travis ScottTour Merch from 2017. He was for that design of a couple of hoodies and shirts. The items with the eagle on their back sold out quickly and are now trading for five times the original price. Furthermore, designed Virgil Abloh Merch for the "Passion Pain & Demon Slayin“Tour of Kid Kudi.

The breakthrough

Even if the previous years were quite successful, 2017 should be Virgil Ablohs Year will be. He opened another concept store in New York. Besides, he got that British Fashion Award and made collaborations with numerous well-known artists. He also started a project that was supposed to turn the sneaker world upside down. In mid-2017 Nike the joint project "The Ten“Known for Off-White, in which 10 of their most famous shoes were to be reinterpreted.

Virgil Abloh took the silhouettes apart completely and constructed them into new shoes. The project was divided into two concepts, the Revealing and the Ghosting pack. In the fall, two pairs of shoes from the collection should be released every week and pretty much everyone tried to get a pair of the coveted shoes. Resell prices of 2000 euros were for the Jordan I paid and the hype seems to continue to this day. New colourways were waiting for us in 2018 that were gone at least as quickly as their predecessor models - and the journey is still not over. There are more releases planned for the late year. For example, the release of the next Air Max 97 from the Off White collection has been confirmed.

Virgil Abloh for Louis Vouitton: the dawn of a new era

The greatest confirmation and honor for the work of his last years is not a prize or an award, but something completely different: In May 2018 Virgil Abloh to the Creative director of Louis Vuitton appointed.

In one interview he said:"I am honored to accept the position of Men’s Artistic Director for Louis Vuitton. The heritage as well as the creative integrity of the house are key inspirations that I will both refer to as I draw parallels with modern times. "

Virgil Abloh is the first to have reached such a high position without having attended a fashion school. But what many denounced as his weakness is Virgil's strength. He has many creative approaches that stand out from most designers and thus brings a breath of fresh air to the scene. The presentation of his first collection in June was a complete success. He was so overwhelmed by his feelings that he lay in his arms with tears in Kanye West - still one of his best friends.

New and future projects - Virgil Abloh's future

In October 2018 the collaboration came between IKEA and Off white on the market. The design the carpets had for Virgil Abloh typical, different words in quotation marks on interesting backgrounds. Unfortunately, the designed carpets were only published in the Paris IKEA store, which meant that access was quite limited. A few weeks ago the new Off White Fall / Winter collection came out with a range of new clothes and accessories. In 2019, the Off-White CEO will have another exhibition in the "Museum of Contemporary Art" in Chicago before, which should shed light on his entire cosmos and present his fashion, music, furniture design and other projects. We are sure that Virgil Abloh has a lot to do with us in the coming period and will continue to delight us with the best styles.

For us, the man behind Off-White is one of the most creative minds of our time and is much more than just a designer. He was instrumental in combining high fashion with streetwear culture, brought new wind to the scene and provided a lot of artistic output in the form of installations and many other projects. Offers on Instagram and its homepage Virgil Abloh regular insights into his work. Just follow him if you want to stay up to date.
We hope the article was able to give you an insight into the world of Off-White and show you what is behind the label.

One of his art projects together with the artist Takashi Murakami: