Most Egyptians are Caucasian

RE: Were the ancient Egyptians black?
(04.01.2017 14:38) Arkona wrote:That doesn't answer my question. Racism has nothing to do with institutional power, but can express itself daily in the everyday life of the individual. You in particular are otherwise so fixated as to strain this term. Anyone who thinks they are superior to other people solely on the basis of their phenotypic or national origin is a racist, or what would you call that?

Incidentally, there is also racism in East Asia. Europeans are widely regarded there as "barbarians", colored people as "better monkeys". Incidentally, this has a long tradition there and did not come about under European influence.

Sure, you can use all terms for your purposes.
But it is not enough to describe everything else as racism, but to exclude your own behavior, as you are trying to suggest here.

If I also find racism in relation to the division of, for example, religious affiliation, then always in relation to the fact that a group tries to put itself above the other group on the basis of a characteristic or actions that justify action against the other group could.

This is not the case with Reverse Racism, as racism is based on the view that people of one race are worth less than others and that their political and social oppression is therefore justified.

Your perceived superiority of blacks, e.g. over whites, when the majority is reversed, does not mean that this also leads to oppression of the other. That is a crucial point.

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