What do decent westerners think of Japan?

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RE: Sarcasm / irony undesirable among the Japanese?
W0hl true, just as the discussions, how one conducts here among themselves, always meet with some kind of rejection from the Japanese. During discussions it can get louder here, but you don't attack anyone personally, or you want him / her bad; - strangely enough, the Japanese always cleverly avoid them, unless they are socially superior to you, then you are simply not taken seriously * personal experience * - but discussing really loudly - never had it. - On the other hand, I have already noticed that with the Ossis * g * Without wanting to generalize, Ossis always look for similarities rather than differences. And the extreme case of that is Japanese * IMHO *.
A tip would be Japanese television. Check out their comedy. They look very macabre to me! This eating contest, or where the one guy was locked in a room with nothing and had to earn his daily bread through competitions / crossword puzzles. The making of Japanese video games or films. I think you can find your way around there quite well. I have the feeling that they find things funny where someone makes a fool of themselves. You certainly won't like sarcasm that much in politics or society

We spend so much time aiming to have more time that we really don't have any left to enjoy it. ...
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