How do you eat a boiled egg

Better not to eat eggs with silver spoons?

There is a myth that it is better not to eat eggs with a silver spoon. (Photo by: gioiak2 / Depositphotos)

Why not eat eggs with a silver spoon?

Some of the amino acids in protein contain substances that contain sulfur. When cooking, the so-called Hydrogen sulfide. And this is responsible for the fact that the protein does not want to get along with silver at all.

If boiled egg and silver come into contact with one another, the hydrogen sulfide reacts with the silver surface of the spoon to form silver sulfide. The surface of the spoon turns black and gives a metallic taste off to the food. Damage to health is not to be feared, but the formation of the black coating with the metallic taste can really spoil the appetite for the egg when eating.

How does the spoon get clean again?

To remove this layer again, you should put the spoon with a piece of aluminum foil and a teaspoon of soda or salt in a bowl of hot water. Small bubbles indicate when the black layer is loosening again. The residues can be removed by rubbing with a dry cloth.

Enjoy the breakfast egg with the right spoon

Is it better to eat the breakfast egg with a plastic spoon? (Photo by: nilswey / Depositphotos)

It is therefore better to enjoy the egg with a spoon made from the following materials:

  • stainless steel
  • plastic
  • Mother of pearl
  • horn

Incidentally, this actually also applies to other types of animal protein that are consumed with a spoon.

Conclusion: The popular plastic egg spoon is not only beautiful to look at, it also has its advantages.

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