How can I buy a gas station

Wanted: doers who take their lives into their own hands.

Managing your own company, managing employees, taking responsibility for yourself and others and shaping business success yourself - that is what distinguishes real doers. And that's exactly what we're looking for.

Become a petrol station or car wash entrepreneur (m / f / d)!

Imagine you go to work in the morning and your name is on the door of YOUR company - an indescribable feeling. With JET, this dream of independence can come true. Whether you are a career changer, a trained businessman or with a lot of service experience - we are looking for people who can tackle and take their future into their own hands.

We are by your side!

For 50 years, the JET brand has been known in Germany for branded fuel at low prices and its attractive shop and snack offers. We have once again been voted Germany's most popular petrol station brand and price-performance winner.

At our 681 JET filling stations, we welcome more customers every day than any other branded filling station in Germany. This is certainly also due to the best petrol station operators and their employees. Because they do an incredibly good job every day to enable people to be mobile and to meet daily needs on the go.

We are also stepping on the gas when it comes to car washing. We are positioning ourselves here for a successful future with large investments. With 35 car washes, we are one of the largest providers in Germany when it comes to clean cars and the car wash teams take care of our customers with a fast and reliable service.

The car wash operators lend a hand themselves and ensure literally brilliant results with what is probably the best manual pre-wash there is.

What are you waiting for?

Simply shape your professional future yourself!

And to everyone who feels like Gas station employee To work full-time, part-time or as a mini jobber at a JET station: Simply speak to the petrol station operator at the petrol station in your area - they will be happy!