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Good morning etailment readers! The digital giants are doing all sorts of things to find out more about the emotions of the users on the receiving devices. That would also be useful for trading. Face recognition and cameras are a deterrent. The Indian start-up Entropik has an exciting idea. According to "Tech in Asia", this wants to recognize emotions in the way we hold and touch the smartphone. Sounds good. We also value people by the way they shake hands.

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Hitmeister becomes

From February 15, 2017, Hitmeister's marketplace will be history. After the takeover by the Metro subsidiary in spring 2016, business will continue under and the Hitmeister brand will be crushed. How much pulling power will the new online marketplace have for retailers? Not clear. After all, Hitmeister advertised for a long time that you weren't in competition with your own dealers, says Wortfilter. But now you suddenly find yourself side by side with the hypermarket chain and its wide range of non-food products. When Hitmeister celebrated itself as number 3 among the marketplaces shortly before Christmas, it was probably a kind of funeral speech at the open grave.

"Schöner Wohnen" will sell furniture in the future:

The publishing house Gruner + Jahr will sell beds, sofas, cupboards, tables and chairs under the umbrella of its magazine "Schöner Wohnen" and has given licenses to seven medium-sized manufacturers. Horizont finds entry into the furniture trade risky, as he could annoy advertisers. The products will initially be sold through furniture retailers and not in their own web shop.


Amazon echoes the restaurant food:

Echo users in the USA can now order their lunch or dinner via the digital assistant at one of the kitchens participating in the "Amazon Restaurants" program. The food delivery service from restaurants that Amazon offers its Prime customers in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Austin and Portland, for example, has been expanding since 2014.

Walmart buys Shoebuy:

Walmart stays digitally in step and is now buying the much cheaper Shoebuy after the mega-deal with The online retailer goes for $ 70 million over the counter. Shoebuy is to be retained as a brand, but to help Jet with its know-how for kicking shoes. Or maybe you just bought the webshop to annoy Amazon and daughter Zappos.

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