What does a film director do


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Camera, light - and action!

The director sits on the director's chair, holds the whisper bag in his hand and everyone listens to his command. This is how you imagine the director's work. The director can do even more. It is an extremely demanding job that demands artistic visions, craftsmanship and a lot of empathy.

What am I doing?

Directors direct the creation of films, TV series, music videos, so to speak film and television productions of all kinds. In addition, they stage works of spoken and musical theater, from classical theater plays to musicals.

The director picks up the entire film team, directs actors, determines where the camera pans or influences the lighting and equipment. But working on the “set” or in the theater is only a fraction of his work. He sits on the script for weeks beforehand, analyzes the roles and develops very specific ideas. After filming, he sits in the editing room all night in the film production. Additionally also deals with the marketing of a film or play.

A film or a play always means teamwork. The director must pass on his specific idea of ​​the film or play to his employees, such as costume designers, cameramen, make-up artists, inspire them to creative performance, guide them and coordinate their contributions to a coherent overall work. The director also makes the final artistic decisions. This requires a lot of empathy and communication skills.

Where do I work?

Directors work for film and television production companies, theaters and radio and television companies.

What requirements do I need?

Organizational talent, excellent knowledge of film, television and theater literature, above-average creativity and pictorial thinking, feeling for visual and acoustic design, motivational properties, assertiveness, empathy, resilience, foreign languages

How can I learn this profession?

3 to 4-year (bachelor's) degree at universities of applied sciences, art and music colleges
As an independent course in the following areas: directing, directing music theater, directing drama, theater directing or as a focus within the courses in the field of film and television.