What is it like to start over?

Beginning, new beginning, starting all over again, beginning at all

Beginning as a term is not easy to grasp because it contains different, even contradicting meanings. First there is the new beginning. This suggests that you have left something old, perhaps also bad, behind you, in order to now, unencumbered and freed from previous conditions, gather your courage and venture into new and unknown territory. He scares many people. Whether you leave school and start studying or training or going abroad for a job, starting your own business or starting a family, you inevitably have to leave the old, secure structures behind and grow beyond yourself. Because - the person who faces the challenge of a new beginning is no longer the same - starting anew also always means discovering new, previously unknown sides of oneself, and one can be afraid of that. So it is not surprising that it is said: “Every beginning is difficult”. A new beginning always means overcoming yourself and self-knowledge, and at the same time also means that you have to let go of something else or even close it. To start means to leave a point in the past and to follow the arrow of the timeline into the future, which none of us can escape. But a beginning is not just a new beginning, not just something that has never been there before. Because there are beginnings with great regularity. For example, the beginning of a new life, which always happens in the same way, from conception to birth - an eternal cycle. The year always starts all over again. Although you write a new number each year that marks a point on our timeline, the beginning of each year always follows the same rhythm, and has been for ages. So the beginning can be both - the new unknown as well as the recurring and comforting familiar, growing beyond oneself or a regularly reliable structure. And even if it sounds trite and you've probably heard these lines a thousand times and thought, "Oh no, not Hessian again", despite everything he should try again in the end (because he is also right), because…

"And there is a magic inherent in every beginning that protects us and helps us to live."