Why do handball goalkeepers wear pants?

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The right handball clothing

Handball is a team sport with fast and dynamic movements. Because of the high physical exertion involved in indoor sports, the right choice of handball equipment is important.

The following properties are particularly important here: lightness, breathability and tear resistance. Due to the speed of the game and the physical contact, the clothing must be able to keep up accordingly.

    For field players we recommend shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. If it gets colder in the hall in autumn or winter, long-sleeved tops / training jackets and long training pants can be used if necessary. Many handball players also wear functional underwear under shirts and shorts, which offer more freedom of movement than a jacket or long trousers. Ideally, the sizes should be tried on, as the functional shirt must not sit too tight or too wide.

    Good to know: You will find a high percentage of polyester everywhere in our Atorka clothing. The synthetic synthetic fiber is very often used in sportswear because the material is particularly breathable and wicks moisture to the outside.

    The socks can also be combined to match the shirt and shorts. There are no limits to the color and height of the socks.

    My handball equipment as a goalkeeper

    The handball goalkeeper usually always plays in long clothes. There are therefore special textiles for the goalkeeper. Due to its position, it needs protection for the skin, as the ball's impact on the "bare" skin can be very painful, especially if you are also playing with resin.

    The basic equipment is usually long trousers and a goalkeeper jersey or sweater. Here, too, lightness and freedom of movement are important so that the goalkeeper is not restricted in his movements.
    A groin guard (jockstrap) is also recommended for male goalkeepers. Some goalkeepers also protect their knees with knee pads that they wear under their pants.
    Atorka goalkeeper clothing is very light and has integrated padding on the arms and legs as protection zones.

    Protection in handball

    Due to the high physicality and an ever faster game, it is important to protect your body sufficiently during the game to prevent bruises, abrasions or other injuries, for example from uncontrolled falling. In handball there are special protectors for the knees and elbows. The groin guard for the goalkeeper and specially padded underpants, for example for the position of the circulator, offer additional protection.

    Knee and elbow pads

    Knee and elbow pads usually consist of a bandage with internal padding. This cushions hard impacts on the hall floor. Protectors can be upholstered in different ways. Depending on the intensity, weight and position, you can choose between protectors with lower weight and light padding or protectors with strong padding. Often, however, the strong padding is heavier and more immobile. The material should be light and breathable so as not to restrict the handball player's movements too much and to wick away moisture quickly. Dressing and undressing should also be as easy as possible. The schooners are available in different sizes. They are selected based on the circumference of the thigh or upper arm. It is important to ensure that the protector fits tightly and firmly and does not slip when falling.

      The jockstrap / groin guard

      To protect the genital area from targeted throws, many handball goalkeepers use a jockstrap. This is also called groin protection, jockstrap or testicle protection.
      The groin guard usually consists of a slip-like strap system and a hard shell that can be removed when washing. The solid material of the shell protects the genital area from painful injuries. Handball goalkeepers often use the jockstrap from childhood on in order to optimally protect themselves and to get used to protective clothing.

      In most cases, the handball goalkeeper wears the jockstrap over sports underwear and under goalkeeper pants. Different sizes allow a perfect fit and a comfortable fit.